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Adin Hill honors Air Force with latest mask

Adin Hill honors Air Force with latest mask

Adin Hill and Calgary-based mask artist Dave Fried of Friedesigns have worked together on a number of masks over the last few years.

The pair debuted a mask paying tribute to the desert highways of Arizona, where Hill now plays with the Tucson Roadrunners of the AHL, at the start of the 2017-18 season.

As the year gets under way, though, the sophomore pro is unveiling a second lid to wear – this one to honor some of Tucson’s armed forces.

Fried explained to InGoal the process behind coming up with this newest mask design, which arrived in Tucson on Thursday:

“I had a chance to sit down with Adin this summer & chat about his ideas for his second mask design, which is more white based,” Fried said. “He wanted to give it a Military tribute theme, incorporating the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base within Tucson.”

Fried sat down to research the base, and decided to cover the mask with fighter pilots to represent the expansive size of the base itself (and all those serving on it).

I decided to base the entire mask design on the Air Force base, incorporating the military fighter jets on the one side & the close up fighter pilot on the other.

For the backplate, I wanted to incorporate the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base entrance sign, and Adin’s younger brother – who was at the consult – wanted to see a tank, so it was important to Adin to get the tank on the one side with his brother’s initial, which is a cool little personal touch.” 

Sure enough, the backplate has a shadowed tank rolling along the left side, flanking the entrance sign for the base as a part of the gradient greyscale that helps make the desert mountains and skyline pop:

The design is completed with a Coyotes logo in full color on each side, along with a greyscale shoulder logo on the top, pixellated camo in the team’s colors, and the ‘MM30’ present on all of Hill’s masks to honor his late friend and goalie coach, Mike Maniago.

This mask has a similar feel to Hill’s regular season design, as the prospect goes all-in on his desert theme to commemorate his new hockey home. This one, though, has a lighter feel to it; as Fried mentioned, he and Hill played on the concept of a white-out style mask for this particular endeavor.

Take a look at a few other angles of the design, which Hill should debut in the coming week:

Although Hill did get a shot to show off his impressive skills in his NHL debut earlier this fall, the return to health of starter Antti Raanta means we’ll likely be catching this mask at the Tucson Convention Center for the forseeable future.

To take a look at more of Fried’s work, check out his official website or Twitter account.

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