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Alex Rigsby pays tribute to American history with Olympic mask

Alex Rigsby pays tribute to American history with Olympic mask

Alex Rigsby is set to become a part of the dynamic trio of goaltenders that Team USA will tandem at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea this month.

The 26-year-old Wisconsin native captained her NCAA team in 2014 and boasts a college championship to go with her four World Championship golds to date.

Now, she hopes to add Olympic gold to the already-impressive resume – and she’s got an incredible new mask to bring along for the journey.

Designed and drawn up by PaintZoo’s Franny Drummond, the man behind the Brian Elliott Hextall masks this year, the mask tells an American story in iconic pictures. Take a look:


There’s the first man on the moon and ‘V-Day and the Kiss’, one of the most iconic photos in US history, along with a bald eagle and the Statue of Liberty enshrined in a postage stamp to keep everything neat.

The team logo gets a premiere spot on the top of the mask, with the more classic ‘USA’ lettering spelled out across the backplate as well.

The whole mask design is tied together with a blue wash for the images and a grey scale for the background, with rare splashes of red to make the whole thing pop. It’s a stark contrast to the mask being debuted by fellow American goaltender Nicole Hensley, but equally eye-catching, no matter what angle you examine.

Take a look at some of the additional images, provided by Drummond:


For more of Drummond’s work, check out his official Facebook pageInstagram account, or Twitter.

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