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Alice Cooper on Mike Smith Coyotes Throwback Mask

Alice Cooper on Mike Smith Coyotes Throwback Mask

Smitty retro aWhen Mike Smith takes to the ice in the Arizona Coyotes throwback jerseys on Thursday night, he will literally have eyes on the back of his head; somewhat creepy eyes with a throwback rock and roll theme.

Smith’s long-time personal painter David Arrigo of Darrigo Art included a portrait of shock rock legend and Coyotes fan Alice Cooper on the back plate of the custom-fit Vaughn mask by Pro’s Choice Smith will wear on Coyotes’ throwback night.

“Probably the coolest thing about the helmet is the backplate,” Smith told reporters in Arizona. “Tribute to Alice Cooper, obviously a huge Coyotes fan and has been for a number of years so my painter has been begging for me to do something with Alice Cooper involved and I said ‘you got your wish, you can do it on this helmet.’ It’s a pretty cool tribute to him and the support he gives our team.”

Here’s a video clip of Smith, who will also wear a wicked set of all-black Reebok XLT gear on throwback night, talking about his new mask. There are more close-ups and some extra photos of another Cooper mask below:

Enjoy the close up photos below, courtesy of Arrigo, and for more great art from him, including past Smith masks that include his kids, and live murals at the Olympics, NHL All-star Game, and Superbowl, among others, please visit his web site and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. You can also learn more about Pro’s Choice masks on Facebook and Twitter. And if you go to Arrigo’s post on this latest Smith mask on his website, there are also photos of a wicked earlier Smith/Cooper mask that he painted to raise money at a charity auction.


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