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Anders Lindbäck’s 2011-2012 PredClassic Mask

Anders Lindbäck’s 2011-2012 PredClassic Mask

Dave Gunnarsson goes for gold in this new mask for the Predators’ goalie.

For this mask Lindbäck keeps his tradition of featuring the “Predator’s logo vertical on the top” (as seen here and here) and “around it a sharp old school design, in Nashville’s new colors.”


On both sides of the mask the Predators’ secondary logo is featured and his number sits prominently at the front of the mask. The left side of the mask also has the antenna from the Front of Bridgestone Arena and is a nice addition to the mask’s otherwise crisp and clean features.


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  1. Paul Szabo

    Can anybody explain what the secondary logo shows? 3 stars and a shield? Personally seems quite boring to me, like it was randomly chosen it from clip art or something.

    However, glad to see that more bold, classic designs are coming back in ful force.

    Paul Sz.

  2. frito

    As the person above mentioned, it’s the logo from the Tennesee state flag placed within a guitar pick to commemmorate the state’s rich music history (especially in Nashville). I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t get it either until someone broke it down for me. Now I’m actualy a big fan of the logo. It’s very simple but conveys a much larger symbolism than first assumed.