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Andrew Raycroft’s Dallas Stars Mask

Andrew Raycroft’s Dallas Stars Mask


Andrew Raycroft’s new Dallas Stars helmet came, as do most in the NHL these days, from the airbrush studio of Dave Gunnarsson. With enough glitter to make a pre-teen girl giggle, this lid would look as sharp on the Vegas strip as it does on Rayzor’s head.
Raycroft Dallas Mask

In Dave’s words,

It was great fun and interesting to create this design, that is a further development of the previous mask design that I created for the Dallas Stars keeper Andrew Raycroft. Andrew was so happy with it, so we made this new one in the same spirit of graphic profile, but now in white tones and a BIG portion of glittering effects, like a disco ball.
You find DAVEART XXFX Glitter in the Dallas star, in the Dallas text, and also in the number on the chin. I have also spiced it up with extreme detail work and airy 3-D effects.

Dave has just released the “official” photos of the helmet – and InGoal was on hand recently to photograph the Stars vs. Canucks game when Raycroft came on late in relief of starter Kari Lehtonen so we’re able to show you the new mask up close and in action.
Raycroft New Mask

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