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Andrew Raycroft’s Olympic Theme Mask

During Canada’s first men’s Olympic hockey game vs. Norway the goalie sitting on the bench behind starter Roberto Luongo was not the one who has done so all season for the Vancouver Canucks. Rather than Andrew Raycroft, it was the man who holds just about every all-time goaltending record – Martin Brodeur.

Raycroft has slid into our Olympic goalie masks reviews though tonight with his Canucks mask that has its own Olympic theme. The detail work is quite something – notice the First Nations artwork on the white background, for example.

Andrew Raycroft Canucks Olympic Theme Goalie Mask

Andrew Raycroft Canucks Olympic Theme Goalie Mask

Andrew Raycroft Canucks Olympic Theme Goalie Mask

Andrew’s mask was done by Erich Ferguson of  VooDoo Airbrushing in Ajax, Ontario. Check out this great article all about the mask and Raycroft’s near complete lack of interest in what goes on them!

“To be honest, I’ve never really cared,” smiled Raycroft, each pearly white in place. “It’s always in the middle of the summer when you have to think of something for the design and that’s really the last thing you’re thinking about is what you want painted on your mask.”

“Obviously I’m not going to play on any more teams that have the Olympics in their city in my career, so I thought I’d put some Canadian Olympic sports on it.”

All photos by Scott Slingsby

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  1. Gerry Lafreniere

    Is it not the work of Frank Cipra. He used to do all of Raycrofts masks


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