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Antoine Bibeau heads into the deep blue with new mask design

Antoine Bibeau is getting ready to kick off a new season – this time out on the west coast.

In past seasons, his mask was more about the legends that wore the Leafs sweater than anything else. He and his designer Sylvie Poitras gave a nod to Felix Potvin with his design debuted in August, and he even threw it back to the last great Leafs era with a Johnny Bower tribute in 2014.

Now, as he makes his debut with the San Jose Sharks, he’s taking a deep dive into the Pacific.

Together with Poitras, the designer behind Airbrush Zap, the former Toronto Maple Leafs prospect decided that the more sharks, the better. Take a look at his new CCM lid:

Antoine Bibeau

“Antoine is now with the Sharks organisation,” Poitras told InGoal, “so this year we went with sharks everywhere, ready to attack his new season with the Sharks and the [San Jose] Barracuda.”

As you can tell, the two didn’t hold back, adding sharks wherever possible to create a formidable design in dangerous waters.

The mask is tied together with an ‘SJ’ nod to the two San Jose teams he’ll likely appear for on one side and the team’s shark logo on the other, then adds a splash of color with his nickname, Bibs, on the chin. The backplate boasts his personal motto, ‘one day at a time’, along with a red awareness ribbon to honor cancer awareness and research.

The entire design has an almost surfboard-esque feel to it, perfect for the Quebecois goaltender’s debut on the Pacific Coast.

Here’s a look at a few more angles of the mask and backplate:

To check out more excellent work from Poitras, you can check out the official AirbrushZap website, or head to Poitras’ official Twitter account.

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