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Anton Forsberg lives and breathes Blackhawks with new mask

Anton Forsberg lives and breathes Blackhawks with new mask

Anton Forsberg is on to a new opportunity. He’s off to the Windy City, where he’ll attempt to become the next success story behind Corey Crawford on the Chicago Blackhawks.

He’s ready for the change of pace, after slipping down the depth chart for the Columbus Blue Jackets in recent years. That enthusiasm is what inspired mask artist Dave Gunnarsson to design his new mask – which, as Gunnarsson explains, will ‘live and breathe Chicago Blackhawks’ when he gets a chance to skate out wearing it:

It’s a mix of old and new, pitting a 2D classic design against 4D elements and some holographic touches. There’s the Chicago logo on both sides of the lid – no alterations or modifications, giving it that classic feel – but from the electric storms clouding the mask to the metallic rays on top, this is definitely no old-school design overall.

The mask’s additional Blackhawks details are more subtle, keeping the design from looking too busy. They’re there, though, if you look closely enough; in addition to a white shoulder patch logo on the chin and ‘Blackhawks’ spelled out along the sides of the cage, the top of the mask is covered in holographic shoulder logos that fade in and out of visibility depending on where you’re standing to take a look.

Forsberg and the Blackhawks are looking to keep the team’s playoff streak alive this year, despite the departure of names like Artemi Panarin (to the Blue Jackets), Niklas Hjalmarsson (to the Arizona Coyotes), Scott Darling (to the Carolina Hurricanes), and Marian Hossa (to the long-term injured reserve). The former Blue Jackets prospect is clearly ready to pitch in; hopefully, he’ll be able to solidify himself as a clear number two as the year progresses.

For more of Gunnarsson’s mask work, check out his websiteTwitter feed, and Instagram account.

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