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Ben Bishop brings Tron to the Lone Star State with new mask

Ben Bishop brings Tron to the Lone Star State with new mask

Ben Bishop has become almost as known for his Disney’s Tron-inspired masks as he is for his eye-catching saves and formidable height.

There was some curiosity regarding whether or not he’d keep up the Tron theme as he moved on from the Tampa Bay Lightning in a more permanent fashion this summer – but together with mask artist David Gunnarsson, he’s managed to put a Texas twist on a familiar design.

Take a look at what Bishop will debut with the Dallas Stars this year:

At first glance, it’s just Bishop’s old mask gone green, but closer inspection shows that the threads of glowing green across the black mask are actually full of subtle nods to the starter’s new team.

First, there’s the shape of Texas, cleverly woven on one side of the mask across from an equally-subtle Stars symbol on the other side. Below the state depiction, but far less easy to spot, there’s the word ‘Stars’, written out in the same Tron font as the movie used itself, and which Bishop used for his number across chin in previous seasons.

This year, it looks like the chin lacks any meaningful adornment, but there’s plenty of that on the sides to go around.

The paint used for the mask is G.L.O.W. Tech FX, which Gunnarsson has been using to adorn masks recently to help them glow in the dark. Between that and the temperature-changing, water-reactive masks being done by Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush, and the on-ice product only keeps getting more exciting.

For more of Gunnarsson’s excellent work, check out his Twitter account, Facebook page, Instagram account, or official website.

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