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Bernier Adds Pond Hockey to Winter Classic Mask

Bernier Adds Pond Hockey to Winter Classic Mask

Jonathan Bernier Maples Leafs Winter Classic Mask right sideThe best part about having so many outdoor games during the 2013-14 NHL campaign may all the extra mid-season goalie masks and gear being produced.

Put Jonathan Bernier’s new Winter Classic mask near the top of a growing list. The Toronto Maple Leafs stopped paid homage to pond hockey on his new mask painted by Swedish artist David Gunnarsson of DaveArt, with kids playing outside on both sides of the mask.

“The design is a tribute to the origin of true hockey, kids playing hockey on a pond,” Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook page. “Golden memories from our childhood. … Kids are playing on the pond with their friends and in the goal is a parent, and lots and lots of details in the background creates a nice depth to the design.”

Gunnarsson said the entire design, which includes the actual Winter Classic logo, was designed to fit with the jerseys the Leafs will wear in the big game against the Detroit Red Wings.

You can find more of Gunnarsson’s great artwork on both his website and on his Twitter feed, but for now enjoy the close-ups of the new Winter Classic mask for Bernier:

Jonathan Bernier Maples Leafs Winter Classic Mask right side


Jonathan Bernier Maples Leafs Winter Classic Mask top


Jonathan Bernier Maples Leafs Winter Classic Mask right top


Jonathan Bernier Maples Leafs Winter Classic Mask Left


Jonathan Bernier Maples Leafs Winter Classic Mask Poster

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  1. Warren Shapiro

    Nice use of the royal blue. Maple Leaf is really Kool how its breaks out on the face. The picture use of the pond reminds of the days people used to play hockey on the pond. I feel the mention of the “Winter Classic is too big it covers too much of the mask. I guess he’s making a point with the mask to sell the event. Hopefully the game itself will be a great game. So hockey fans lets enjoy these outdoor games.

  2. Ian Wotherspoon Phoenix

    I really like this design and the “Pond Hockey” pictures are great. I don’t remember too many days of playing on a pond but I remember every winter playing on the local rink no matter waht the temerature was. It was just the best way to spend a Saturday after chores were done at home. Bring your lunch, skates, stick, gloves and a couple of pucks as you were bound to lose at least one.
    Btw, Wayne you mentioned that the lettering “Winter Clasic” was too big but this is why he had this maks painted in this way. This is a quote I took from the story: ” Jonathan Bernier’s new Winter Classic mask……. and so I believe he is wanting to most definitely wants to advertise the game. The fact that it’s on the top of the mask means that he has to be looking at the ice or lying on the ice after making a save before you really see the words or if you sit in a seat above him then you will see it. As I said above, I really like the mask and it’s a awesome paint job.

  3. Paul Ipolito

    Perhaps the “Winter Classic” logo is prominent because this mask might be headed to an auction? Seems as though a majority of these one-off masks are used to raise charity funds.

    • Paul Ipolito

      P.S. Beauty mask! I’ll open the bidding at $100.00 USD.

      • Paul Ipolito

        Sorry to bother you again, but I just noticed the blue to white “fade” on the cage. That is a really nice touch.

  4. dsm

    Is it necessary to write “Pond Hockey” along the jawline? Like we didn’t know what we were looking at?

  5. RonJo

    Didn’t matter much since the touque covered the top.


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