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Betsy Ross Flag On Anthony Stolarz’s New Mask

Betsy Ross Flag On Anthony Stolarz’s New Mask

Stolarz LeftAnthony Stolarz isn’t originally from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, but he’s doing his best to endear himself to some of the toughest fans in sports. The New Jersey native and 2012 2nd round draft pick has commissioned Franny Drummond of Paint Zoo to come up with a mask that screams Philly. It’s got history, it’s got the Liberty Bell, and best of all, it represents both the Flyers and Stolarz’s likely AHL destination, the Phantoms. Stolarz may spend his time in Lehigh Valley, the new home of the Phantoms, but if and when he does break into the NHL, he’ll have a boatload of supporters waiting for him.

The left side of Stolarz’s new mask is all Phantoms. The wings of the logo reach out from the cage, stretching to the edge of the mask. Just below the logo, “Phantoms” is written in a cursive style reminiscent of the style often used in early American history. Just above the logo is a sepia version of the famed Betsy Ross flag. This early incarnation of the American flag features a circle of 13 stars to denote the 13 colonies at the time of its creation during the American Revolution. Drummond has captured the waving flag beautifully and we’re seriously impressed with the detail.

Moving across the chin of the mask, you can see the first appearance of the Liberty Bell, a historic piece of United States and Philadelphia history (more on that in a second). “Flyers” is written in the same cursive font down the side of mask, and the logo of the NHL team is featured as you move further up. Above the Flyers logo is a scene depicting the transportation of the Liberty Bell through the streets of Philadelphia in 1752. The detail is, once again, astounding.

On the backplate of Stolarz’s mask, he pays tribute to his former teams, the OHL London Knights and NAHL Corpus Christi Ice Rays. The Liberty Bell makes another appearance above the initials of his family members. On top of the mask, Stolarz had Drummond and Power place one final stamp. A large Phantoms logo to erase any doubt to where his allegiances lie.

Stolarz is one of the more promising prospects in the Flyers system, rapidly ascending the ranks in the last several years. Originally with the IceRays in Texas, Stolarz moved to the London Knights and backstopped them to two consecutive Memorial Cup appearances. He’s also represented the United States in international play, suiting up during the World Juniors last year. His last year with the nights was especially impressive, as he went 25-5-2 with a .926 SV% (tops in the league) and 2.52 GAA (2nd overall). Too old to return to the OHL, Stolarz will get another taste of professional hockey, albeit with much higher expectations, both from himself and the notorious Philly fans.

Drummond and Power also worked together on this mask for Flyers backup Ray Emery. If you would like to see more of their work, be sure to check out Paint Zoo’s websiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram. You can also follow Marcus Power on Twitter and see some awesome mask renderings. You can see the rest of Stolarz’s Philly-centric mask below!

Stolarz Left

Stolarz Right

Stolarz Back

Stolarz Rendering

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