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Bibeau features Jaws movie characters on new Sharks mask

Bibeau features Jaws movie characters on new Sharks mask

Antoine Bibeau is paying tribute to the original Jaws movie on his new San Jose Sharks mask, including a partial homage to infamous movie poster from 1975 on one side and close ups of a couple characters from the Steven Spielberg-directed film on the other.

“After a talk with Antoine we decided to go with Jaws,” said artist Sylvie Poitras of Airbrush Zap. “We supposed the subject had already been take or maybe not but we decide to go with it anyway.”

After agreeing on the subject, Poitras followed up by sending Bibeau this sketch (on the right) that set the Jaws movie poster inside a version of the San Jose initial logo.

Of course there was one key part from the movie poster missing: the skinny-dipping woman swimming above the Great White Shark as it prepares to attack.

“Well you know, we don’t want to hurt anyone and we know what’s gonna happen to her,” Poitras said. “So no girl but the shark is there like the poster and the ‘Jaws’ lettering  has been replaced with the ‘Sharks’ logo.”

While the shark theme has been a common one for San Jose goalies over the years, Poitras took the Jaws tribute to another level on the left side of Bibeau’s new lid.

In the middle of the mask is police chief Martin Brody, played by actor Roy Scheider, smoking a cigarette from the scene where he tries to bait the shark by dumping bloody chum into the water, unaware it has surfaced behind him. After spotting the giant shark, a stunned looking Brody famously utters the line, “you’re going to need a bigger boat.”

On the top is professional shark hunter Quint, played by actor Robert Shaw, holding a machete, and if you look closely beside him, just above the “M” in the CCM label on the forehead, is oceanographer Matt Hooper, played by a young Richard Dreyfuss (it’s easier to see in the top view below).

“So Brody feeding the shark and  Quint and Hooper on top,” said Poitras. “With the shark himself to add to the drama.”

The blue represents the water and is a flashback to Bibeau’s mask last season. The backplate represents the flag of Bibeau’s native Quebec, and also features his mantra, “one day at a time,” and a cancer ribbon for his grandmother. You can see all of the full sized photos below, but be sure to check out more of Poitras’ work at the AirbrushZap website, or on Twitter or Instagram.

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