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Blues’ Binnington has Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Mask

Blues’ Binnington has Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Mask

Jordan Binnington Blues Wolves Mask left side Fresh PrinceSt. Louis Blues puck-stopping prospect Jordan Binnington is making the jump to pro hockey in style with a new mask sure to turn heads.

That’s because it features the head of the Will Smith from his The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days boldly on the left side.

Binnington has long listed the TV show as his favourite – despite the fact it he was born in 1993, midway through its six-year run.

“Outside of the TV show, from what I see he is a self-driven individual who knows what he wants in life,” Binnington wrote InGoal when asked to expand on his mask choice. “I couldn’t name one movie I haven’t enjoyed with him in it. Every movie or show has a purpose. The tv show is so creative, I’m laughing out loud every episode. So to sum it all up I just feel we’d be best friends.”

Painted by Jason Livery of HeadStrongGrafx, the rest of Binnington’s new mask is predominantly Chicago Wolves themes, as the 20-year-old, who was drafted 88th by St. Louis in 2011, slots into the pro ranks behind incumbents Jaroslav Halak, Brian Elliott and Jake Allen on the Blues depth chart.

Binnington, who finished his junior career with a couple of World Junior Championship appearances for Team Canada and as the Ontario Hockey League’s top goaltender in 2013, has a bold Wolves logo on the forehead, with the city skyline stretching out across both sides, above the Fresh Prince on the left, and the words “Chicago Wolves” splattered over a brick wall on the right.

The backplate features a subtle map of the world with his name and “My World” in hand writing.

For more  more great masks from Livery, check out the HeadStrong Grafx website, as well as on Twitter, and on their FaceBook page.

Jordan Binnington Blues Wolves Mask left side Fresh Prince


Jordan Binnington Blues Wolves Mask right side


Jordan Binnington Blues Wolves Mask top


Jordan Binnington Blues Wolves Mask backplate

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  1. Paul Ipolito

    Just saying- but don’t you think a little better planning around the giant holes in the mask would have made the Prince look a little fresher?

    A lot of cool designs look foolish with a giant hole in the middle of them. I get the fact that the closest person in the arena will be 100 feet from the mask but still…

  2. DSM

    Waste of a lid. Has nothing to do with hockey at all.


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