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Braden Holtby World Cup mask features new Canadian logo

Braden Holtby World Cup mask features new Canadian logo

Braden Holtby fans are likely hoping that the goaltender, who took home the Vezina Trophy this summer for his dominant 2015-16 season, will get some time in net for Team Canada at the upcoming World Cup of Hockey.

He’ll have to compete, of course, with the 2015 Vezina winner, Carey Price, and Chicago Blackhawks mainstay Corey Crawford. Whether he’s given significant time in net or not, though, he’ll take the ice in style with his new mask:

Braden Holtby

(S/t to the Washington Capitals official Twitter account for debuting the mask on Tuesday)

With what looks like another home-run design from Swedish mask artist Dave Gunnarsson for the international tournament, Holtby’s mask combines eye-popping red paint and sketched-on designs to create a contrasting collage of the Canadian team logo.

Staying true to the logo designs for the competition, though, the Maple Leaf – which serves as the logo for Team Canada – isn’t what fans are used to; it’s a modified version of the design, exclusively created to be used at the World Cup.

In addition to the Canadian logo, either side of the mask has a sketched landscape, with more Leafs along the bottom and the World Cup of Hockey official logo in each corner.

Here’s more info, straight from Gunnarsson’s Facebook page:

“Braden and I came up with a plan how to create it. It is built in the same classic vintage look like his latest Caps masks, and with a lot of white, it gives a very classic feeling.”

Holtby joins a growing number of World Cup goaltenders who have debuted their new masks for the competition, including Matt Murray (who will represent Team North America fresh off of his Stanley Cup victory this summer) and Michal Neuvirth (who is representing the Czech Republic). Hopefully, more excellent designs like these will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

For more of Gunnarsson’s designs, check out his Facebook page, official Twitter account, or website.

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