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Brian Elliott celebrates All Star Game honour with Memento Mask

Brian Elliott celebrates All Star Game honour with Memento Mask


It seems a berth in the All Star Game has become as much a nuisance as an honour for some NHL players.

Clearly that’s not the case for Brian Elliott, who plans to savour an invite few would have predicted when the season started.

The St. Louis stopper celebrated his nod in the mid-season classic by taking the rare — it may even be a first — step of having an special All Star Game mask created just for the game by Head Strong Grafx. The one-off “memento” mask still features the Casey Jones character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on one side, while the other features the Blues logo and the famed Gateway Arch.

Elliott, whose future in the NHL was so uncertain last summer he had to settle for a two-way contract from the Blues, won’t have the Moose head and “Mr. Moose” license plate on the backplate this time. Instead Elliott had artist Jason Livery paint a faded All Star Game logo on the backplate, one he plans to get autographed by fellow NHL All Stars as a keepsake.

Enjoy another great mask from Head Strong Grafx, a relatively new company that burst onto the NHL scene earlier this season with a powerful backplate tribute to Pavol Demitra on Jaroslav Halak’s helmet:

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  1. Jake Coste


  2. Kevin

    Hey, that’s pretty weird! Last night, before reaching sleep mode, I thought about having a mask for All-Star Game. Sick!

    I really like Casey Jones on that mask!

  3. Adam Sherry

    Nice to see some guys actually care and respect the nod to be in the all star game! Elliot’s a class act!

  4. Ted

    No back plate shot?

  5. Marcus Power

    The backplate is a faded out All Star logo with a faded out Mr. Moose on the bottom. It is made for Ells to get the guys signatures on it so it is not highly detailed.

  6. John

    Great job Jay. You sure turned that one around quick.

  7. John Smith

    Excellent work…Nice to see someone appreciate getting the call for the allstar game…unlike certain players

  8. paul szabo

    Hard to believe this guy was the derided by everyone in Ottawa last year and they couldn’t wait to ship him out of town. Feel good story!

  9. Jason Power

    Marc, another amazingly designed mask bro. Just unreal…..keep the creative juices flowing!

  10. Julie R

    I think that is awesome! Have fun Brian and win for us St Louis fans. =)

  11. Jason Livery

    Thanks everyone. We are glad to be apart of Elliotts career this year! He is a great guy and we are VERY proud of him!

  12. Joe from Chicago

    Wouldn’t it be a shame if the chin cracked off in the ASG…

  13. Will Budge

    That image looks like the crazy guy from Silence of the Lambs.

  14. Tom

    The Casey Jones art was stolen from Dave Rapoza.

  15. question3

    Why the overdone purple gradient? 😐

  16. paul

    Love the lil details. Blues notes in his name and stars in tne blues logo nice attention to detail.