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Brian Elliott goes old school Hextall for Flyers mask

Brian Elliott is on to a new team, and with that comes a new mask design.

‘The Moose’ got together with Franny Drummond of Paintzoo Studios when he got to Philadelphia, ready to join the Flyers with a very specific mask design in mind.

He’s had some excellent lids in the past – but this year, he decided to pay homage to one of the greats (and now, his own general manager). Take a look at what he and Drummond came up with, taking a page out of the Ron Hextall mask book:

“[Elliott] told me he was a big Hexy fan, and really loved clean bold designs. 80s 90s style paint,” Drummond told InGoal.

“He wanted to really do a Hexy arrow mask… but was a fan of the mask but didn’t want to copy it. Make a lil’ twist on his mask, no arrow.”

The two went back and forth, Drummond said, tossing ideas and sketches between the two Hextall fans to come up with the perfect concept. The above design is what they finished with; it’s a moose-inspired Flyers logo on an orange backdrop, with a bold stripe up top to pay a strong nod to the Flyers legend.

The clean, bold designs and colors are a stark departure from a number of the masks donned in today’s NHL. From holographic designs and color-changing paint to city murals and intricately-sketched lions, coyotes, and family members, today’s masks tell a novel on every inch of available space.

This design keeps it pretty simple, adding the personal touches predominantly on the backplate and in small areas on the mask itself. Elliott’s ‘BE 37’ logo is featured on the chin, the Flyers logo proper is featured in the clean black stripes on the top of the design, and the back boasts everything from the return of Elliott’s old mask pal Casey Jones (complete with a Flyers tattoo) to his moose logo, his alma mater Wisconsin, and his son’s birthdate and initials.

It seems that Elliott likes to keep his fans on their toes with his masks.

While goaltenders like Philipp Grubauer (who debuted his own mask earlier this week) are creatures of meticulous habit with themed mask designs, Elliott loves to mix it up. This year’s design shows that more than ever; he’s throwing it back all the way to an earlier decade altogether, moving away from his modern concepts to go simple.

Here’s a closer look at the mask from all angles:

He’ll kick off the season with his new lid standing tandem in net with Michal Neuvirth, who makes a return for the Flyers while former starter Steve Mason departs for the Winnipeg Jets. Elliott’s .910 save percentage last season for the Calgary Flames was far from what the team wanted, so he’ll look to improve upon that this year.

For more of Drummond’s work, check out his official Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter.

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  1. Rick Furlano

    Absolutely love it. Being a very long time Flyers fan I appreciate his nod to Hexy and the Orange and Black tradition. The Eagles and Sixers are getting most of the publicity but I’m excited to see the young guys develop.

  2. Vintage CCG

    And if he moves to New Jersey he won’t even have to change it to represent the Devils’ logo …