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Blues Brian Elliott Honors Troops on New Away Game Mask

Blues Brian Elliott Honors Troops on New Away Game Mask

Brian Elliott St. Louis Blues MaskSt. Louis goaltender Brian Elliott wanted a second mask for the Blues away games, but his thoughts never strayed far from his NHL hometown while working on ideas for the new design.

Elliott included camouflage in the new design as a nod to the Scott Air Force Base just outside St. Louis, which also happens to be where the wife of his painter, Jason Livery of HeadStrong Grafx, is stationed.

The mask also includes the area’s famed Gateway Arch behind a Blues’ logo on the left side, and Elliott’s trademark image of Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fame is contained within the logo on the left. The mask-wearing Jones has been a staple on Elliott’s masks, and was featured breaking the chains of the NHL lockout on the mask he started the season wearing.

The stripes on Elliott’s new Vaughn mask are designed to play off his new Bauer Reactor pads, and the backplate features another couple of Elliott regulars – the logo from his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin, and Mr. Moose, which is a tribute to the late Owen Scott, a champion moose caller who taught Elliott the skill, something he has become well known for.

Images of new mask below come courtesy of artist Jason Livery from HeadStrong Grafx, all rights reserved. Be sure to check out more of his work on the HeadStrong Grafx websiteon Twitteron FaceBook, and here at InGoal.

The InGoal gallery includes the last Casey Jones mask for Elliott (and a very interesting backplate), Elliott’s one-off mask for his first All-Star Game appearance, with a backplate that was used to collect autographs, and Jaroslav Halak’s stirring tribute to Pavol Demitra.
Brian Elliott St. Louis Blues Mask

Brian Elliott St. Louis Blues Mask

Brian Elliott St. Louis Blues Mask

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