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Bruins’ Subban Brings Back The Grim Reaper

Bruins’ Subban Brings Back The Grim Reaper

Subban Gold LeftMalcolm Subban knew what he wanted on his new Boston Bruins mask. It was just a matter of artist Dave Leroux of Diel Airbrush fitting it all on there while maintaing a clean, polished look. The finished product is impressive, to say the least, and contains several features Subban requested plus a few extras. Subban is set to start the year fighting for the backup role in Boston. After splitting the AHL season with 24 year old Niklas Svedberg, Subban will be pushing to fill the role left vacant by the Long Island-bound Chad Johnson. Let’s hope Subban nails the bid for backup behind Tuukka Rask, because it would be a shame not to see this mask on our televisions regularly.

Set against a classic black and gold background, the old-school Bruins bear logo looks menacingly from both the left and right side. If you look closely, you can see the logo is detailed with reinforced metal. That alone is sure to stop a few pucks. Like the Bruins jerseys, gold, white, and black lines run horizontally along the chin of the mask, where Subban’s number 47 stands out in a clean, chrome font. The black cage is consistent with masks Subban has had in the past with Providence and the Belleville Bulls.

On top of the mask, Subban’s first request is granted. Like his last mask, the Grim Reaper makes a prominent appearance. This time, instead of fiddling around with playing cards, the Angel of Death is breaking free from the mask! The implied metal casing that comprised the mask is no match for this haunting character. With extra long canine teeth and claws reminiscent of any bear we’ve seen, the hooded Grim Reaper rips open the top of the mask and looks to be jumping out at his next victim!

On the backplate of Subban’s new mask, a bible verse (Psalm 23:4) is clearly written out. Carrying over from his last mask design, it reads “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me; your rod and staff, they comfort me”. Below the verse, Subban’s name is printed out along the same horizontal lines from the chin of the mask.

Malcolm Subban was drafted 24th overall by the Bruins in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, and after finishing up his 4 years in the OHL with the Belleville Bulls, Subban played his first year of professional hockey last year with the Providence Bruins of the AHL. Starting 33 games, Subban went 15-10-5, with a .920 SV% and 2.30 GAA. As mentioned, he split the majority of the season with teammate Niklas Svedberg and is likely making a push to stay with Boston for the upcoming season. Svedberg did get the call up last year and did start a single game, but Subban has shown serious promise in only his first year in the pros.

Subban has played well, the mask is fantastic, and we can’t think of any reason why they shouldn’t be featured prominently on NHL broadcasts this coming year. Dave Leroux has put together an intense, clean looking mask that is sure to win some support from the home crowd.

Check out the Leroux’s “Bullies” mask painted for InGoal’s own Aaron Slagman. Recently featured on InGoal was the popular mask Leroux painted for Michael Hutchinson. Be sure to check out the Diel Airbrush website, as well as follow David on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook. You can see the rest of Subban’s mask below!

Subban Official Left

Subban Official Right

Subban Official Top

Subban Official Back

Subban Gold Left

Subban Gold Right

Subban Gold Top Left

Subban Gold Top

Subban Gold Back


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  1. Tommy Alisat

    Great Mask but I don’t think he has the what it takes to be a long term pro at the nhl level.

    • Paul Ipolito

      Hard to say at this point. He is still pretty young. What is he? 20? You would be better off wagering on horses than 20- year old goalies.

  2. James

    The colour looks more like Orange than Gold to me.

  3. Matt

    It’s a very nice design by my favourite pro painter, but what I’m really curious about is the brand of the mask. Looks like a 961 clone and not the 961 SE from a couple seasons ago or his most recent Sportmask. Anyway, if anyone knows I’d be interested to find out.

  4. David leroux

    Hey thanks alot matt! Its a jerry wright mask

    • Matt

      Cool! That just makes it all that much better. First new style JW mask in the pro’s (last one I believe was for Rob Madore in the AHL a couple seasons ago, but it was just a custom 961).

  5. Mike

    Please trade this guy, I don’t want anything Subban related contaminating the Black & Gold.

  6. Dave Simmons

    Great paint job David. Not easy working with those extra awesome designs on the sides I bet. I just picked up the same R8 ( new 961 SE ) from Jerry. Such an amazing fit.