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Carey Price brings colorful new equipment feel to mask design

Carey Price brings colorful new equipment feel to mask design

Carey Price is kicking off the new season with a bright, colorful new look to his pads.

Where the Montreal Canadiens star has traditionally worn his CCM Flex series pads in a predominantly-white design, he added as much color as possible without wearing a full-color pad this year, boasting blue and white panels from top to bottom.

Now, he’s got a colorful new mask to match.

Working with Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt for yet another season, Price revealed his 2017-18 mask on Saturday afternoon, boasting a look made to perfectly complement his new setup.

“The painting is a direct continuation based on Carey’s previous masks,” Gunnarsson explained, via Instagram. “Here we created it in a vintage and gritty style with strong contrast, with 4-D FX all over the painting.”

Sure enough, the mask manages to both look classic and weathered while popping and boasting multiple dimensions, with the Canadiens logo on the sides almost seeming to stand out against the red and blue gradient covering the mask from top to bottom.

There’s plenty of metallic silver on the mask, and ‘Les Canadiens’ is written on either side of the ’31’ sketched on the chin. Combined with the ‘Montreal Canadiens’ and a third Habs logo on top of the mask, the design could have looked too busy – but even with the holographic logos marching across the paint at different angles, the entire look is balanced and put together.

We haven’t gotten a chance to see the full setup yet – InGoal previously profiled Price’s new CCM gear, but he hasn’t skated out with both the pads and the new lid – but with the season just a few weeks away, expect to see the new look pretty soon.

For more of Gunnarsson’s excellent work, head to his official websiteTwitter account, or Facebook page

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