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Carey Price Heritage Classic Mask

Carey Price Heritage Classic Mask


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If you’re a Montreal fan you’ll enjoy this original interview with Carey Price and Alex Auld for InGoal buy CBC Montreal reporter Michel Godbout.

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Montreal goaltender Carey Price will be wearing a sharp new retro look for the Heritage Classic in Calgary courtesy of David Arrigo of David is Carey’s regular artist and the creator of his Montreal helmet art this year. He’s also by far the most diverse artist in the business doing work for the NFL (Super bowl murals), NASCAR, the Canadian Forces and more charitable works than you can imagine.

The design uses a familiar form that mimics old masks by simulating ears and hair (Price’s own) but this one has the unique feature of simulated eyes as well – and a slightly disturbing mouth reminiscent of the “Saw” helmet Arrigo painted for Mike Smith in Tampa Bay. The eyes and mouth, in fact, are those of legendary Canadien Jacques Plante.

Enjoy this fantastic work and check out the rest of David’s portfolio at

Carey Price and David Arrigo

Carey Price receiving his Heritage Classic mask from artist David Arrigo

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  1. Matt in Montreal

    If I was an NHL goalie I’d have like a new mask every-other weekend.

    • Nathaniel Melvin

      I agree!

  2. Louis

    I’m not a big fan of this one.

  3. Devin Baker

    I was just thinking to myself yesterday ‘I wonder if anyone has ever had a mask that looks like a head wearing an old school mask’. I guess so.

  4. Js

    Fail … I saw better mask of this kind …. dont like the eyes and the mouth!

  5. Nathaniel Melvin

    I like the mask! Anybody know where I can buy that sweatshirt and hat Carey Price is wearing? GO HABS!