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Carey Price unveils Charity Remembrance Day Mask

Carey Price unveils Charity Remembrance Day Mask

When it comes to charitable tribute masks Carey Price and artist David Arrigo are the most prolific combination in hockey. Not long ago they created the pink mask to raise awareness, and funds, for the Breast Cancer foundation  (bidding was at $20,000 when we last checked). Today, they are unveiling their second helmet of the season, this remembrance day mask that is a tribute to the Canadian Forces. We don’t have details on what will happen with the mask after Carey has used it – but last year’s Remembrance Day tribute benefited the  “Wounded Warriors” charity –

Carey Price Remembrance Day Mask

For more on David Arrigo and his art, please visit his web site, or follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Jesse

    love it!

  2. Matt in Montreal

    Donating gear to a worthy cause is a great trend.

  3. Peter

    I love the mask, and I love the cause.

  4. peter

    What is the fleur de lys logo with the word “quebec” on it representative of? I know that the right side is the canadian forces navy insignia, but I could not find the other one. Any help out there?

  5. Paul

    Love the cause but the mask shoulda been painted MUCH better! it has no depth it looks just slapped together with STICKERS