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Carey Price’s Remembrance Day Tribute Mask

If you are looking for the Canadiens 100th Anniversary Mask we have it here!

Artist David Arrigo was kind enough to send along some shots of a great tribute mask he did for Carey Price.

It features a bagpiper on one side and a soldier laying a wreath on the other. The words to John McCrae’s WWI poem “In Flander’s Fields” are on both sides in English and French.

The poem gave the words “To you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold it high.” famously posted in the Canadiens locker room – and written the year before the Habs won their first Stanley Cup.

Prie wore the mask in warmup last night and will bring it to the next game in Phoenix – too bad he didn’t get the start and Halak’s great play last night may well mean Price and this great mask will be on the bench the next game as well.

The mask will eventally be auctioned off to benefit Canadian troops returning from overseas through the “Wounded Warriors” charity – Please take a few minutes to visit their site and have a look.

All photos courtesy of and copyrght by David Arrigo, all rights reserved.
Carey Price Remembrance Day Mask

Carey Price Remembrance Day Mask

Carey Price Remembrance Day Mask

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  1. James

    That is a powerful piece of art.

    Hopefully it will fetch quite a return at auction.

  2. Nick

    Very cool artwork blending the poppies, bagpiper and solider along with Habs colors. Well done!

  3. Ben J

    Very nice mask. Love everything about it. Well almost everything I’m not crazy about the chubby bagpiper on the side. But its better than having The Joker on it like Kari Lehtonen’s mask.(shudder shudder)