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Carter Hutton’s new mask dazzles with Roth hot rod theme

If you’re a Big Daddy Roth hot rod fan, Carter Hutton’s new mask is the mask for you.

Hutton is a long-time customer of airbrush artist Jesse Acciacca of Jesse’s Custom Design in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

The two have come up with a whole host of eye-catching styles in the past, from sabre-toothed ‘Predators’ skulls during his Nashville days to a baseball-inspired theme for last year’s Winter Classic.

Acciacca told InGoal that Hutton’s impressive variety of designs comes from his easygoing approach to masks, letting the New England-based artist flex his creative muscle from time to time to wow the fans.

This year, he took that freedom to pay homage to Kustom Kulture icon Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, bringing metal flake back in style for an old-school, hot rod inspired lid sure to catch plenty of eyes.

“There was a motorcycle job that was being done here in the shop, and it was getting Metal flake done to it,” Acciacca said. “I thought it was a great opportunity to use it on Carter’s mask so I ran it by him and he said go for it.”

The metal flake doesn’t dominate the design, with the gold used on the flames balancing out the mask down the middle really getting the most ‘pop’. It’s used on the whole mask, though, hand-painted by Acciacca with no use of vinyl or decals in any part of the design.

The design itself, though, is a work of art. It takes hot rod culture and delivers a true Roth-style feel for the entire lid, from the flames down the middle to the lettering used for the team’s name and the Rat Fink cartoon – a Roth staple from the 1960’s Car Craft era in California and 1990’s revival period.

It’s a niche culture mask, but that may make it even more special:

“Coming from a Kustom Kulture, Low brow background, Ed “Big Daddy Roth” was one of my favorites growing up. That is the style used on this mask with the Rat Fink style monster driving a Hod Rod Blues note on one side, and the Roth style lettering for the St. Louis Blues on the other. Hot Rod style flames going up the middle with the Gold and Blue Kandy makes it really pop.”

No Carter Hutton mask is complete without his Canadian shirt-clad fish, who makes an appearance on the backplate alongside Hutton’s nickname done up in Roth style to boot.

You’ll have to take a look at the mask from all angles to truly appreciate it:

If you want to check out more incredible work from Acciaca, check out his official website, Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter account.

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