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Carter Hutton’s Winter Classic mask is a home run

Carter Hutton is new to the St. Louis Blues – but he’s jumping right into his new team with his Winter Classic mask for the upcoming outdoor game.

Designed and airbrushed by Jesse Acciacca of Jesse’s Custom Designs (Hutton’s long-time mask artist), the mask is transformed into a baseball with intricate ‘stitching’ painted onto the body of the mask.

Surrounding the mask on each side is a montage of legends for the St. Louis Cardinals, as the mask pays tribute to the city’s iconic baseball team. The backplate completes the theme with all of St. Louis’ championship years.

From Yadier Molina to Ozzie Smith and Lou Brock, the mask takes fans on a trip down memory lane for the Cardinals. Take a look at the first sketch:

“We knew at the beginning of the season that the concept for this mask needed to be a cool one,” Acciacca told InGoal.

“Originally, Carter wanted to do a catchers mask to cover the whole mask, and then Carter spoke with a friend about doing a Cardinals tribute, seeing as though the Blues are hosting the Classic at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

He then told me he wanted to put some of the legends  from the team on there also, and was looking to put the Championship rings on the back. I then had the idea to incorporate the baseball stitches and make the helmet look like a baseball.”

The final product is missing some of the original design – the rings proper are gone in favor of just the championship dates – but there’s a nice touch added with Ozzie Smith doing his iconic opening-day flip. The Blues later shared video of Hutton getting the chance to share the new mask with Smith personally:

Here are a few other looks at the mask:

For more of Acciacca’s work, check out his official website and Twitter account.

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