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Casey Jones And Pitbull Moose Rejoin Brian Elliott For 2015-16

Casey Jones And Pitbull Moose Rejoin Brian Elliott For 2015-16

Casey Jones and his moose pal have graced Brian Elliott’s masks for years now, and the St. Louis Blues netminder and mask artist Dave Gunnarson are bringing them back for the 2015-16 season. The Casey Jones character is a nod to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, while the moose recalls Elliott’s own moose-calling history.

[T]he aggressive-looking Moose that is the centrepiece of Elliott’s new mask comes with a great back story.

It has roots in Mr. Moose, the character that Elliott displayed on the backplate of past masks as a tribute to the late Owen Scott, a champion moose caller who taught Elliott the skill, something he has become well known for.


This year, as Dave Gunnarson wrote on his facebook page, “They are guarding the streets of St Louis, catching bad guys… And no one wants to fight these two… The Pitbull Moose has already been in a couple of fights.” That is not a moose you’d want to cross.


Brian Elliott Casey Jones and Moose2015-16

As with all DaveArt masks, there are a multitude of small details, from a background dotted with Blues note logos to stitching along the blue, yellow, and white trim to evoke a leather look. The inclusion of the Gateway Arch lets you know that you’re in St. Louis.

You can find more of Gunnarsson’s artwork on his website, Twitter feed, Facebook page and Instagram account.

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