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Charline Labonté’s Canadian Olympic Mask

Charline Labonté’s Canadian Olympic Mask

Charline Labonte Canadian Olympic Goalie Mask-1-2Yesterday InGoal presented the mask Geneviève Lacasse will be taking to Sochi for the Olympic Winter Games, and today we are pleased to offer the first look at her Canadian teammate Charline Labonté’s design from Sylvie Marsolais of Like her teammate, Labonté went with a black base on her mask for this striking design which is equal parts bold design and subtle details.

The large red Canadian Maple Leaf  on the front that wraps to the sides and will be easily visible from afar but has fine details to offer those up close. ‘Canada’ is painted across the chin where many goaltenders might include a nickname but as we know now, personal names and much more are not allowed on goal masks by the IOC. In a note to InGoal, Marsolais discussed the design’s inspiration and the imagery on the sides of the mask: “[Labonté] basically told us to do what we wanted but she specified that she liked the other mask that we did for her that has an old picture of some pioneers of women’s hockey. She also mentioned that she trained at Apex mountain in BC with the rest of the team which was an important part of the team’s development.”

Marsolais went on to discuss the detail in the mask, “There are little fine details in the mask such as three little Canadian maple leaves that represent the three gold medals won by the women’s team, little snow flakes can be seen when the light hits them as well.”

“For the backplate, there are flames to represent those from the Olympic torch. There’s the gold infinite logo that represent the three goalies spirit.  There’s also a bird in the flames that represents Charlie’s old team logo.” The logo Marsolais calls “gold infinite”  can also be seen on Lacasse’s backplate with the 1,2,3 representing the three Canadian goaltenders.

After you have had a chance to enjoy all the photos of this beautiful mask below, please visit Sylabrish’s web site and on Facebook.

Charline Labonte Canadian Olympic Goalie Mask-4

At the top are the three gold maple leaves to represent three Canadian gold medals in women’s hockey.

Charline Labonte Canadian Olympic Goalie Mask-3

Charline Labonte Canadian Olympic Goalie Mask-3

Some of the snowflake detail can be seen here as well as a glimpse of he gold maple leaves on the top of the mask.

Charline Labonte Canadian Olympic Goalie Mask-3

Labonte asked for images of some of the origins of Women’s hockey.

Charline Labonte Canadian Olympic Goalie Mask-3

n the left is the logo used by all three of the Canadian goaltenders to represent their unity, while the Fleur de lis on the right is for Labonte’s home province of Quebec.

Charline Labonte Canadian Olympic Goalie Mask-3

Charline Labonte Canadian Olympic Goalie Mask-1-2

Apex Mountain BC is featured on the right side of the mask

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  1. dan

    that’s a sharp looking mask!

  2. Warren Shapiro

    Charline beautiful mask it real tells me a story from What country you represent to the picture of the early days when ladies played hockey. The colors are great and the maple-leaf is really fancy. I wish you good luck bringing home the gold. You mask alone is gold. So make that kick save or make that great glove save.

  3. Matt

    That is beautiful.