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Chris Mason Will Debut Jets Pads After Receiving Matching Mask

Chris Mason Will Debut Jets Pads After Receiving Matching Mask
Chris Mason Mask Right

Now that he has a matching mask, expect to see Chris Mason break out the Jets logo pads and gloves in his next start.

The wait to see Chris Mason’s already famous Jets-logo goal pads and gloves in action is finally over.

So what was the delay? Mason wanted a matching mask.

He received it this morning, designed by Steve Nash of EyeCandyAir with bold, simple graphics that can be as striking from afar as they are up close. It is a celebration of the Jets inaugural season and intended to work with Mason’s remarkable Brian’s SubZero gear – the only goalie gear in the league with team logos proudly on display – and the last delay in seeing those pads on display in an NHL game. Mason, who won his start in Minnesota Thursday night, was planning to wear them in warm-up before backing up Friday against Boston.

As cutting edge as the new gear is – there is one photo of the equipment, which made it’s debut here at InGoal, below and more in the link above – this mask has a decidedly retro feel and yet the two work perfectly together.
For more great goalie mask art follow Eyecandyair on Facebook and and on Twitter.


Chris Mason Winnipeg Jets Goalie Mask

Chris Mason Winnipeg Jets Goalie Mask


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  1. Chris

    At least they got the logo right on the mask, unlike the pads :s

  2. leggs

    Whats wrong with the logo on the pads?

  3. Jordan3

    How did they get thew logo wrong ? they even made the right side of the Jet shiny and the other just flat grey like the real logo i say Brians did a great job.

  4. Jordan3

    Actually i just noticed it … the blue outline right ? yeah they did kinda mess that up still a sick pair of pads tho.

  5. Beezer60

    I actually think the blue outline was added to put some more color and depth to it, I don’t think it was an error or a screw up.

  6. Chris @ Brian's

    What Chris is saying and has tried pointing out on our page is that the silver/grey are on the wrong sides of the jet. This is just the picture/flash of the camera, which makes the metallic silver appear darker in the pic although in real life, it is lighter (as you can kind of see on the blocker).

    The blue border around the logo was included to add depth as well as make slight changes to avoid copyright issues.

    Mask looks great!

  7. question3

    The pads look great. The blue outline does add depth, especially a light grey on white. Since the blue circle isn’t on the pads and gloves, it’s necessary to add it somewhere that makes perfect design sense. I usually dont like the look of Brian’s gear because the designs look outdated and sometimes “amatuerish” depending on the series. These pads, on the other hand, are awesome and Brian’s did a good job with these. (maybe someone else designed them?).

    As for copyright issues, you would think that all parties involved would be ok with it. If anything, they stand out from the rest of the pads in the NHL, and do a good job promoting art+sport. Two budgets that are constantly being cut in our education system today. Not good.

    If we had better art in sport, we wouldn’t have to put up with teams that are too lazy to think of their own name and just rip off an NHL team name. Also, we wouldn’t have to put up with God awful graphic design. Marketing is so important to ANY team, at ANY level, in ANY sport. Why look past it?

    If we had better sport in art, there would be less musicians bitching about why prescriptions cost so much. There would be less people saying “health care over olympics”. How do I know this? I’m an overweight musician that plays goal not just for fun, but to lose weight. If we promoted sports, we could spend money on healthcare for those that deserve it, not for those that take it for granted.

    Chris Mason, Winnipeg Jets, and Brian’s, thank you for promoting sport and art.

  8. taylor

    omg there awesome….the best goalie ever(chris mason) needs the sickest chris masons biggest


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