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Classic Toronto theme continues with Calvin Pickard mask reveal

Classic Toronto theme continues with Calvin Pickard mask reveal

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been debuting some gorgeous, classically-inspired masks this year.

Freddie Andersen, who has traditionally injected a bit of fun into his designs with LEGO characters, recently revealed a simple lid based on Toronto’s newest logo design (which throws back to the team’s origins a hundred years ago).

Now, newly-arrived Calvin Pickard has revealed a new mask of his own – and it’s just as traditionally gorgeous. Take a look:

Designed by Pickard’s regular mask artist, Swedish designer Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt, the lid is a total 180 from what ‘Picks’ debuted upon his arrival with the Vegas Golden Knights. That design was flashy, with poker cards on the side and vibrant colors.

Pickard’s time in Vegas was cut short, though. He found himself first on waivers, then dealt to Toronto to join the crease for the AHL’s Toronto Marlies.

Unsurprisingly, his new mask is as fresh a concept as his start will be with the GTA club.

The artistry behind the mask is impressive as ever, with Gunnarsson explaining that he used a pointillism-based concept to draw the detailing in the blue background.

From far away, it’s a simple-looking design, with large Leafs seemingly making up the only decoration on the sides to go with his name, Picks, written across the chin.

Upon closer inspection, though, the white portions of the mask form Leafs themselves, creating a foliage pattern that becomes more apparent the closer you look. Oh, and there’s 4-D paint used, raising the design to make it unique to the touch, as well.

The design is versatile, working for Pickard whether he’s with the AHL’s Marlies – where he boasts a .892 save percentage through three games – or up with the NHL club. Hopefully, as he settles into his new home, Toronto fans will get a chance to see him at both levels.

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