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Clemmensen Returns To Devils With Old School Style

Clemmensen Returns To Devils With Old School Style

Clemmensen Red FeaturedScott Clemmensen was originally drafted by the New Jersey Devils back in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft. The 215th overall pick, Clemmensen has turned in an impressive career to date. Well, that career will continue at least one more year, as he returns to the team that drafted him on a one year deal, backing up Cory Schneider. After playing in Florida for the last 4 years, Clemmensen will assume the Devils goaltending vacancy left by the departure of Martin Brodeur, and he has two new masks from Mark Hart of Hart Designs that hearken back to a simpler time. The old-school, retro look is in, though you could argue Clemmensen is just going with what he knows. In any case, Mark has put together a classic design reminiscent of the 1990’s that Devils fans are sure to appreciate, both at home and on the road.

Both masks follow essentially the same design, with colour inversions. One has a black base with the other mask showing off a Devil red background. On both sides, horns stick out the side of the mask and couple well with a tribal design that creeps up beside the cages.

On top, the forked tail sticks up between what look like huge, menacing eyes. According to Hart, “As usual, he likes the old school style without any bells or whistles. He doesn’t even like the highlights/shadowing. It’s great to work on his masks though just because it’s old school.” Well, the finished product looks great and as we pointed out, very 1990’s.

Down below the cage, a row of teeth stick out and stick with the intimidating tribal design. Opposing players might think twice before getting in Clemmensen’s face for fear of getting chomped!

Once selected as the New Jersey nominee for the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, Clemmensen signed with Florida in 2009 after six years with the Devils (split up by one season with Toronto in ’07-’08). While never really making the jump to starting goalie, he’s been a reliable backup in the league for his entire career. In 188 career games, he’s 73-59-23 with a .906 Sv% and 2.77 GAA. He’s clearly well liked in New Jersey by the upper management and should fall back nicely into the role of spotter for the elite Cory Schneider.

Speaking of Schneider, Hart painted a mask for the former Canuck back in Vancouver, which was also a retro looking lid. Hart has painted for Clemmensen before, creating this Jimmy Buffet tribute mask a couple years ago in Florida. You can see more of Mark Hart’s work at the Hart Designs website. You can also see the rest of Clemmensen’s masks below!

Clemmensen Red Featured

Clemmensen Red Right

Clemmensen Red Left

Clemmensen Black Featured

Clemmensen Black Right

Clemmensen Black Left

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