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Cory Schneider’s New Mask Is Spooky!

Cory Schneider’s New Mask Is Spooky!

Schneider FeaturedWell, I suppose we should expect that Cory Schneider wanted to spice it up after so many years of a New Jersey starter wearing the same mask design year in and year out, but he and Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt have taken it to another level! Seeing as Martin Brodeur has played his final game as a Devil, it’s fitting that Schneider brings in a new mask to accompany his new role. In Vancouver, he spent time as a backup when he was probably ready to be a starter, and last year in New Jersey, he definitely was ready behind Brodeur. In any case, succeeding one of the game’s best won’t be easy. Then again, Schneider is no slouch himself. Oh, and his new mask? Absolutely on point.

According to legend (and Wikipedia), “The Jersey Devil” is said to roam the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. Sightings have been reported in the past of a “flying biped with hooves…  the head of a goat, leathery bat-like wings, horns, small arms with clawed hands, cloven hooves and a forked tail”. Why are we telling you all this? No, not to keep you up at night, but because it’s featured on this new mask from Dave Gunnarsson.

Two different depictions of the creature, one on the left and one on the right, appear on Schneider’s new lid and they’re not pretty. The graphics and detail are incredible, and it’s why Gunnarsson is lauded as one of the top artists to paint for the pros.

Also on the left side of the mask, a spooky face with sunken eyes and bared teeth stares out. On the right side a skull is painted, perhaps a victim of the Jersey Devil. The New Jersey Devils logos are superimposed on the mask, just behind the illustrations on both sides of the mask. The tail and bottom end of the logo are displayed on the top of the mask in a chrome, clean finish.

The sponged paint and splatter design against the black base look fantastic, and according to Gunnarsson’s Facebook page, “you also find DAVEART Hologram FX 2.0 in the design, and all the other DAVEART trademark effects”.

It’s been widely reported since the end of last year, but it looks like Cory Schneider is finally going to get his big chance. Hindered by goaltending controversy in Vancouver and stuck behind the winningest goalie in league history in New Jersey, it’s time for the Marblehead, Massachusetts native to take the reigns for good. He’s been excellent in the 143 NHL games he’s played, going 71-41-20 with 12 shutouts and a sparkling .925 SV% and 2.12 GAA. Mentioned in the same breath as Tuukka Rask as two of the league’s next franchise goalies, Schneider has quietly become a force to be reckoned with. In fact, since the start of 2011, Schneider is 1st in Quality Start Percentage among goalies with at least 100 starts, posting a .917 SV% or better with 21+ shots (and at least .885 SV% with 20 shots or fewer) in 69% of those starts. Here’s the scoop: he’s really, really good.

This isn’t the first time Schneider and Gunnarsson have combined to produce a solid mask design. When Schneider was in Vancouver, looking for a mask to unveil alongside the Canucks Millionaire throwbacks, Gunnarsson came up with this gem to commemorate Vancouver Millionaire greats. He also painted Schneider’s Devils masks last year, with one after the other.

You can check out Gunnarsson’s website, follow him on Twitter and/or Instagram, and Like his page on Facebook for more awesome mask designs and paint jobs. Be sure to see the rest of the terrifying design below!

Schneider Featured

Schneider Top

Schneider Left

Schneider Right

Schneider Full


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