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Cory Schneider’s Vancouver Canucks Native Art Mask

Cory Schneider’s Vancouver Canucks Native Art Mask

We weren’t the first to bring Cory Schneider’s new mask for the upcoming season to the ‘net, but we wanted to present it here for all the loyal readers who turn first to InGoal for the latest in NHL goalie masks.

Schneider who looks to be entering his first season as the Canucks number one goaltender, has turned to Swedish airbrush master Dave Gunnarson for this season’s mask. Simple and bold on the surface but like all designs, look below the surface and you’ll see complexity as Gunnarson layers the intricate details like few others.

The Canucks logos are there for those who look from afar but move in closer and you’ll see a tribute to British Columbia’s First Nations’ artwork as Gunnarson mirrors the Canucks Orca with a First Nations’ version of the famous Killer Whale.

On the backplate “RYP” is a tribute to former teammate Rick Rypien and once again Schneider has included “None shall pass”  the origin of which he explained to InGoal,

 “My dad and I are big Monty Python fans so we stole that from The Holy Grail and I put it on all my masks as kind of our little thing.”

Cory Schneider Native Art Canucks Mask

Cory Schneider Native Art Canucks Mask

Canucks TV were the first to unveil Schneider’s new mask as they travelled to Boston to speak with him about the mask while he was working with former Bruins goaltending coach Brian Daccord at the goaltending school they co-own, Stop-It Goaltending.

For Schneider’s take on the mask, here is the Canucks TV piece:

and you can see more photos at the “Fort Nucks” blog run by the team at

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  1. Paul Ipolito

    Amazing! The Canucks colors really pop on a mask. Very cool.

  2. big z

    killer mask cory

  3. Derrick

    Holy… That is beautiful!

  4. mikew

    That’s the best mask I’ve seen in a long time.

  5. JS

    Yeah sick mask… except for the “vachon” cupcake logo on the front.

  6. 3m

    What happend to Mark HEART his other painter? I guess Bauer is forcing every one to use their employe Dave gunnerson……Oh the politics!

  7. Elliott Anaya

    It would be hilarious if he did a black knight themed mask