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Craig Anderson Embraces New Season With Fresh Take On Corvette Mask

It’s a new, brighter year for Craig Anderson and his family.

His wife Nicholle was happily pronounced cancer-free this spring, so the Anderson family is heading into the upcoming season with a huge weight off of their collective shoulders.

With a positive outlook and a fresh start, the veteran Ottawa Senators backstop opted for a new look in net this year – and while it’s still as edgy and fun as ever, it’s got plenty of optimism built in, as well.

The mask is yet another collaboration with Anderson’s mask artist, Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush.

It plays on Anderson’s traditional mask theme, which focuses on the starter’s love for Corvettes. This year, though, he added a new, ‘fresh’ twist to it:

“This season,” Marsolais told InGoal, “[Anderson] wanted to try something new. As we knew that he’s a big Corvette fan, we suggested to him that we make “Jake”, the Corvette racing logo, alive.”

On all of Anderson’s previous masks, Jake – the simplistic skull logo seen as a ‘take-no-prisoners’ symbol for Corvette fanatics worldwide – took up residence on the backplate.

This year, though, the mascot IS the mask, transforming the Vaughn lid into a sleek machine that comes alive with Jake’s easy-to-spot eyes.

Marsolais gives the mask some aesthetically-pleasing symmetry with matching Senators logos on each side and Anderson’s number on the chin, letting Jake’s ‘engine’ peek through the design on each side to give the mask the feel of following the shape of his normal skull shape.

The mask itself is complete with three red stripes and gold ‘openings’ made to match the patterns Anderson will boast on his gear this year, making sure his look flows from head to toe ties, and a gold cage where he normally has chrome.

The back, though, gets the newest twist of all.

Since Jake has a new home on the front of this mask, the back becomes a full stage to honor the Anderson family.

“On the backplate,” Marsolais described, “[Anderson] will boast his kids’ names, then an “N” for Nicholle that will create a link between the two kids – Jake ‘N’ Levi.”

“Right above the “N”, there’s the slogan “Live for the Now”. Like Andy mentioned in his own reveal of the mask, ‘it’s just a general reminder of last year’s troubles, to always stay in the moment and enjoy the ride’.”

The back gets a finishing touch with Anderson’s newly-created logo, ‘A41’, and the mask is a new look created from a familiar concept.

Take a look at a few more angles of the design:

Check out more of Marsolais’ incredible work at her websiteTwitter feed and Instagram page.

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