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Craig Anderson gives Jake a classic look for Winter Classic mask

Craig Anderson gives Jake a classic look for Winter Classic mask

Craig Anderson and mask artist Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush went with a new spin on his usual mask this year.

The pair took Jake, the Corvette mascot, and turned him into the mask itself; the iconic skull design became a car itself, and the entire concept was used to take Anderson’s love for Corvettes and turn his mask into a one-of-a-kind tribute.

For the Winter Classic, this year’s concept was too good to deviate from much – but in honor of the 100-year game against Montreal in a few weeks, Marsolais  added a bit of a… well, classic spin to the design:

“For those who doesn’t know, Andy is a big Corvette fan,” Marsolais told InGoal, “and Corvette has a racing mascot named Jake represented with a skull head logo.”

“Andy always had this logo on his backplate before this season.  This year, we made Jake alive on his mask!”

“For this outdoor event we wanted to create something very special. We kept the design mainly the same as his previous one, but we wanted the design to have an outdoor feel, so we put some icicles on some part of the mask.  You can also see some cold air going out of the air vent on the jaw area of the mask.  ”Jake” the skull head is also more define than his previous paint job with some stitches, scratches… and we wanted the eyes of Jake to stand out, so we did them in chrome red.”

Marsolais explained that this mask has the classic Senators “O” logo featured as well, with an image of Parliament depicted inside of the logo – a tribute to the promotional rink built near the iconic building.

The chrome red in Jake’s eyes is part of the small splash of color used on the mask, with nearly all of it in black-and-white or greyscale.

What gives the mask an extra automotive feel, though – and ties it in so well with Anderson’s new pads for the game – is the chrome-inspired grey color-changing paint used in the Senators logo. As the temperature changes, so will the color of the logo; in the detailed pictures below, Marsolais showed how the SubZero paint shifts from grey to black when the mask hits the ice.

The only true chrome in the mask is Jake’s eyes – the rest is matte finish – but with the greyscale and the automotive feel, it’s hard not to feel like the entire lid is made from an old muscle car.

The red lines on each side of the mask are a carry-over from Anderson’s regular season mask design, matching the patterns of his pads for this season, while the back plate has the same family touches as well; in addition to his children’s names, Anderson has ‘Live for the Now’, the motto he and his wife adopted after her cancer diagnosis last season.

Take a look at some of the other angles of the mask:

You can find more of Marsolais’ great work on her websiteTwitter feed and Instagram page, while you can find more excellent photography from Gervais at his official Flickr page or on his Twitter.

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