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Craig Anderson’s new mask features new Corvette model

It’s a new hockey season, and Craig Anderson – who should be starting in net for the Ottawa Senators when they open their season against the Toronto Maple Leafs – has a new mask to debut.


He’s using a new painter, opting to commission Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush for the first time in his career. The design on his mask, though, is familiar for long-time Anderson fans:

“Craig is a huge Corvette fan,” Marsolais told InGoal via email. “As you can see on his previous mask[s], the Corvette is always on there!

His demands were real simple: go similar [to] last year, but with the new Corvette model. Then we suggested to put the C7R model – which as a more racing feel to it, and has a meaner look.”

Sure enough, the new mask features the new 2017 C7R in a bright red, painted on each side of the mask to create more symmetry. Each side boasts a realistic depiction of the car and the Senators logo, which seamlessly transitions into the stripes that flank each side and cage in the montage of the logo on the top of the mask.

Where many masks boast the player’s nickname or number, though, Anderson has the Canadian maple leaf. Instead, his nickname – Andy – is displayed across the backplate, just above another signature for Anderson’s masks. Jake, the Corvette racing ‘mascot’, takes up the majority of the backplate to serve as both another symbol of Corvettes and the eyes so many goaltenders favor on the back of their masks. The smoke from the exhaust ties the whole look together, winding through the images of the car, the front of the mask, and the backplate.

Here are a few more looks at the different sides of the mask, which will be debuted by Anderson in his first game this year:





For more of Marsolais’ impressive work from Sylabrush, check out her official website, Twitter account, or Facebook.

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    I find Corvette Jake looks a whole lot like DC Comics Deathstroke. What is the name LEVI about?