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Cristobal Huet’s 2009-2010 Chicago Blackhawks Mask

Artist Stephane Bergeron of LaGriffe Originale recently sent me an image of his latest mask for Cristobal Huet, being used this season in Chicago.

Last year’s design was a popular one and this year’s is quite similar although he has gone with a white background and replaced the chin logo with a dreamcatcher.

The biggest change is behind the paint – a switch from iTech to EddyMask. Update: Thanks to reader Jason Power who spoke with Cristobal (and was surprised to hear we knew about the switch). He mentioned it was actually a return to the mask he used to use in Europe.

Cristobal Huet 2009-2010



At first glance you might wonder if Huet is going the route of other goalies like Marty Turco, who has home and away mask designs, but it’s unlikely he’d be interested in switching mask brands entirely between starts – it’s one thing to sport a different design if you can count on the same feel to a mask, but another to change what you are wearing completely.

A quick look around will show that this is not the case – check out these two shots of Huet in the Blackhawks White uni and the darker red uni. I’d publish them for you, but the copyright police might get after me!

So which design do you prefer?

For more on Stephane’s work check out our interview with him and his two masks done for Huet last year – the regular 2008-2009 Blackhawks design as well as the special Winter Classic commemorative mask.

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  1. Jason

    Its nice to see someone in the NHL make a switch like that, from Itech/Bauer to Eddy. I have always felt that the Eddy masks were more comfortable and better looking. The Itech/Bauer mask just seems to generic.

    The beauty about being a goalie, is one’s personal flare. From the brand/graphics you wear, down to your mask. I like seeing goalies, especially in the NHL, supporting companies like Eddy/Warwick/and Masked Marvel amongst the many other fine custom lids out there.

  2. Ben J

    I love goalie masks because it shows your personality(cheez whiz) and how creative you or your designer is/are.