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Cristobal Huet’s Vintage Mask Tribute to Esposito and Bannerman

UPDATE: There’s a great story about Stephane in the Montreal Gazette, worth checking out.

Artist Stephane Bergeron of LaGriffe Originale recently sent me an image of his latest mask for Cristobal Huet. It’s a vintage style design that pays tribute to two of the most famous Blackhawk masks of the past – Tony Esposito and Murray Bannerman.

This mask is slated to be worn for one game only and then auctioned off – we haven’t heard yet for what purpose – if you have please let us know in the comments below. Looks like this one is also an Eddy Mask which reader Jason Power heard from Cristobal himself is a return to the brand he used in Europe.

Cristobal Huet's Vintage Mask Tribute to Bannerman and Esposito

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  1. Rich V

    This mask just went to silent auction,@Blackhawks convention..over the past weekend I just missed out on it,..I come into the room and a little boy was wearing it on his head….

  2. Pete

    This item now resides in my collection.
    It was worn for 2 games, March 2nd vs Islanders and in warm up March 13th 2010.
    A rare find for Blackhawks and Mask collectors.