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Dwayne Roloson’s Tampa Bay Lightning Mask

Dwayne Roloson’s Tampa Bay Lightning Mask


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Dwayne Roloson Tampa Bay Lightning Mask

Scott Slingsby photo, all rights reserved


Tampa Bay Goalie Dwayne Roloson's new mask

After wearing a plain white lid with Tampa Bay Lightning stickers his last few games, Dwayne Roloson has a new mask coming.

After making his Lightning debut in his old New York Islanders helmet, Tampa Bay’s Dwayne Roloson has been playing in a plain, all-white helmet with Lightning stickers.

While we appreciate an understated look as much as the next goalie (no one does Darth Vader better than Jonas Hiller in Anaheim), thankfully Roloson’s ill-suited blank canvas should come to an end with his next start.

A new Promasque “Thor, God of Thunder” helmet has just been packed and sent down to Tampa Bay by Roloson’s artist, Jesse Acciacca of Jesse’s Custom Design.

Here is a more in-depth description of the mask, In Jesse’s own words:

The new paint job is inspired by Thor the god of Thunder and Lightning. I tried to get away from most of the paint styles used on other goalies that have played for Tampa. All Blue with lightning and some characters. It is a Full Thor Helmet with his Hammer striking down on backplate. Roli’s name on chin as we have always done.

Enjoy more images of Jesse’s work below, and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out InGoal Magazine’s breakdown of the trade (and with two shutouts of Washington already in the race for the Southeast Division we’re looking good so far), as well as our feature on Roloson’s long, winding road from a kick-save stand-up college goalie to one of the NHL’s more aggressive butterfly technicians. And while we liked the addition of Roloson in Tampa Bay, we are lamenting the loss of his tribute mask to past Islanders greats like Billy Smith, which was also painted by Jesse, so be sure to check out our images of that now retired orange and blue mask.

And if this is your first time at InGoal Magazine, welcome and be sure to take a good look around, especially if you’re a goalie. In addition to staying on top of all the latest goalie news with our InGoal Daily Updates (Today it features Reimer’s reprieve + Fleury’s pose down Plus a Hasek-inspired stop by Mike McKenna, Jonas Hiller’s evolution outside the crease, Crawford goes back to back, the top-10 puck-handling goalies, Lehner’s debut, and more) we also offer training and technique tips.

roloson mask left

Roloson Mask Back plate

Goalie Dwayne Roloson Tampa Bay Lightning New Mask

Goalie Dwayne Roloson Tampa Bay Lightning New Mask

Goalie Dwayne Roloson Tampa Bay Lightning New Mask

Goalie Dwayne Roloson Tampa Bay Lightning New Mask

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  1. Nick H.

    I would’ve like to seen some of the blue highlights in the TB logo as well as throughout the lid, but the all silver/black looks good, too. It’s a sweet looking overall mask!

  2. Gleb

    Good one! Almost as good as Hiller’s

  3. Jase

    Where did these pictures come from?

  4. David Hutchison

    @Jase Like all the mask photos we present here they were sent directly to us by the artist and are published with their permission.

  5. Matt in Montreal

    Oh yeah, I like those wings.

    Go Roli!

  6. Themass

    I think it needs a chrome cage. Love roli, as a die hard islanders fan I’m rooting hard for TB cause roli is all class

  7. Don

    Awesome job!

    With the Thor movie coming out this summer, it has a great tie-in to it. Maybe Roli/TB could do a promo with Marvel Comics on this…

    Love the illustratiuon of the mighty Mjolnir on the back plate.
    I agree with Themass…definitely needs a chrome cage.

    “Whosoever wears this mask and if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Roli!”

  8. Steve and Laurie Atkinson

    We think Dwaynes TB mask is awesome, as they all have been. Nice job on his part including his sons names. Best of luck in Tampa,we will be cheering you on. From your hometown fans.

  9. Mike

    Um…any chance I can have that when you’re done with it, Dwayne? That’s about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.