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Eddie Lack: 5 tips and Orca towing a waterskiing Wolf on new mask

Eddie Lack: 5 tips and Orca towing a waterskiing Wolf on new mask

Vancouver Canucks Goaltender Eddie Lack MaskEddie Lack is both a promising puck-stopping prospect and an easy-to-like entertaining personality, so it is fitting that InGoal splits this story between a funny new mask and some friendly advice for young goaltenders from the Swedish stopper.

We’ll start with the new lid, painted by famed Swedish artist Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt designs. After consulting with his Twitter followers, Lack chose a cartoon wolf to represent his current American League team, the Chicago Wolves, and an Orca to represent the parent-club Canucks.

The question was how to combine the two. The answer was waterskiing, with the playful Orca on the left side towing the mischievous-looking “Wolfy” character on the right side of the mask.

“That is what we call team work,” Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook page outlining a design that also includes the Canucks Orca-themed logo on each side, native artwork on the chin, and the mountains of Vancouver in the background.

“On this new mask we wanted to do something really funny. Eddie asked his fans on Twitter, how about a cartoony wolf in the design. Sounded awesome, I started drawing and out from my drawings jumped Wolfy, and he jumped out into the Canucks landscape, on his waterskis run by his buddy Orca. It all created a cool mix of Canucks and Chicago Wolves. And as always it’s pumped with details to discover all over the mask.”

Gunnarsson graciously provided InGoal with up-close images (below) of Lack’s new mask to let readers see more of that subtle detail. But it’s far from the only exclusive we’ve gotten from the likeable Lack.

In addition to doing a video to announce the winner of InGoal’s Brian’s G-NETik contest last month, the big Swedish stopper was featured in the latest edition of the magazine. In addition to sharing his insights on the numerous technical adjustments since coming to North America, Lack shared some summer tips, including using tennis as a training tool.

Eddie Lack article teaseLack also outlined 5 tips for his fellow goaltenders, including one way to add goalie structure to rush drills in practice:

“Sometimes when it’s more angle shots I always start in the middle and then I move out to the angle instead of just going out to the shooter right away. I mean like if there is a drill they are coming down off the wing and shooting, sometimes I start in the middle to pretend that there is a pass, and then I move over to them instead of just standing there and waiting. This adds another movement and lets me work on something more than just straight shots off the wing.”

Be sure to read the entire article and Lack’s advice in the latest edition of InGoal Magazine. And if you haven’t yet, check out the wicked Wolves-design on his G-NETik pads.

In the meantime, enjoy his new mask, and be sure to check out more from DaveArt on his twitter feed as well as his company website:

Vancouver Canucks Goaltender Eddie Lack Mask

Vancouver Canucks Goaltender Eddie Lack Mask

Vancouver Canucks Goaltender Eddie Lack Mask

Vancouver Canucks Goaltender Eddie Lack Mask

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  1. Matt

    Yes! Eddie’s finally out of his Bauer 961 and into a Sportmask! I’m not saying the Bauer’s are bad or anything, they’re just WAY too prevelant for my liking.


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