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Eddie Lack boasts new gear with an old friend for Devils

Eddie Lack boasts new gear with an old friend for Devils

It’s been a tumultuous year for Eddie Lack, now of the New Jersey Devils.

The former Vancouver Canucks standout backup struggled during a two-year stint with the Carolina Hurricanes, resulting in his move to the Calgary Flames in the 2017 offseason.

Although fans were hoping for a fresh start there, his numbers still fell short of expectations, resulting in waivers and reassignment to the AHL. Eventually, he was dealt out of the system altogether – but was reunited with a familiar face in the process.

Lack was acquired by the Devils on December 30th, getting moved for Dalton Prout in a swap that put him back with his old coach from Vancouver, Rollie Melanson.

So far, his .915 save percentage in five games with the Binghamton Devils is a step in the right direction. Now, he could get a chance to show he’s back at the NHL level; he’s been recalled by New Jersey to fill in for the injured Cory Schneider, who is out for the next handful of games.

He may only get limited ice time in Newark, depending on how backup Keith Kinkaid performs. But he’ll do so with a new lid, some new pads, and plenty of optimism.


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Sticking with what he knows, it’s another set of OPTIKs for Lack with New Jersey. The new, lighter-weight Brian’s pad eliminated the outer roll almost completely, but still caters to Lack’s ‘the stiffer, the better’ preferences with their FLY model.

It’s another set of logo-inspired pads for the Swedish netminder, as well, as Brian’s points out that Lack is getting a bit ‘devilish’ with his new set:

It doesn’t look like there are any mechanical changes to what Lack will be donning on the ice at the Prudential Center, although that’s no real surprise; apart from transitioning to the OPTIK line at the start of this season, Lack has largely remained a creature of habit when it comes to his setup over the years.


No real surprise here; Lack is back with a brand-new mask, but the design is familiar to those who have followed his career from the start. The Swedish chef has hit the road, and he’s arrived in the dirty jerz:

Lack explained to InGoal that he put this design in mask artist Dave Gunnarsson’s hands, trusting his long-time mask artist to come up with something special for his new home while he focused on the transition to the Devils organization. Sure enough, it’s a home run, with simple, clean lines and a matte finish that Lack himself admits he’s a big fan of.

In a surprising twist, though, Lack revealed the real story behind the Swedish Chef’s appearance on his mask – something we’ve seen no matter where ‘the stork’ is playing – isn’t quite what we’ve all assumed.

For years, the iconic Muppet character has graced the side of Lack’s lids, donning some Western wear in Calgary and professing love for chicken tacos in Carolina.

While the popular assumption is that the character has become Lack’s symbol because they’re both Swedish and love food, though, the undrafted pro admitted that’s not the case.

“It started with my Grandma in Chicago,” he explained. She had come to help him out after he underwent hip surgery in 2013, while playing for the AHL’s Chicago Wolves.

“She sounded like him walking around my kitchen after I had my hip surgery,” he laughed.

The image stuck; now, the excitable kitchen connoisseur can be seen offering up some barbecued tacos on a devil’s pitchfork to get in the spirit of the duo’s newest team.

The grandmother-inspired cartoon isn’t the only family member that appears on another Lack mask in Jersey, as his father, Wille, is featured on the backplate again. The father-son duo have an unshakeable bond, as Wille travels with Lack through North America as a mentor and comforting presence.

To check out more of Gunnarsson’s excellent work, head to his official websiteTwitter account, or Facebook page

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