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Luongo and Lack Keep New Canucks Masks Clean

Luongo and Lack Keep New Canucks Masks Clean

Eddie Lack Canucks Mask right

It turns out Roberto Luongo and Eddie Lack have something in common beyond being really great at Twitter.

They also like a clean-looking mask.

While Lack’s new lid from David Gunnarsson of DaveArt on the left does have a lot more hidden detail that pops to life as you get closer to it, from a distance the retro style design relies primarily on the Canucks colours and logos to jump boldly off the ice.

“This new design is created in a clean retro style, all building on the beautiful logos and colours of Vancouver Canucks,” Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook page. “It’s a design that delivers both on a distance, and up close when you discover all the details and effects. The design is created so it works in all angles.”

As you will see in the larger photos below, the detail work on Lack’s new lid is fantastic, with Orca logos worked subtly into the green at the top, and his nickname, “Stork,” scrolled across the chin.

As Lack explained in a video below, the backplate is gets personal, with the Swedish Chef from muppet fame as a play on his affinity for cooking and Swedish candy, all of which has been displayed on Twitter feed since coming over to North America three years ago. He also has a portrait of his dad, who stays up until 3 a.m. back home in Sweden to watch him play before getting up to go to work a few hours later, painted on the backplate:

Luongo also went with a simple design for his new CCM mask, returning to the “Johnny Canuck” theme that he wore during the memorable 2010-11 season, which ended one game short of a Stanley Cup. Luongo simply combined the big “V” with the lumberjack character, who also appeared on his 2010 Olympic mask:

“Hopefully it carries over bit of that luck we had when we went to the Cup final,” he said in the video below. “I don’t like when there’s too much stuff going on because you can’t really tell sometimes what’s on the mask. It’s tough to see from far away so I’d rather keep it simple then everybody can see what’s going on.”

Luongo was thinking about an even simpler mask – all white, no paint – to go with the neutral all-white Reebok pads he wore last year expecting to be traded, but with the Canucks goalie soap opera finally setting down, wisely decided any further trolling his own fan base and risking even a perceived controversy.

Luongo hopes the new mask also brings a change in his early-season form. A notorious slow starter, he had some fun with his miserable Octobers in past seasons on his not-so-secret Twitter account on Monday night:

Lu Tweet


If it happens again, at least his backup will be waiting with a good looking mask:


Eddie Lack Canucks Mask
Eddie Lack Canucks Mask right

Eddie Lack Canucks Mask top


Eddie Lack Canucks Mask poster

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  1. Vaytch

    Loui knows what makes a great mask I’ll give him that !

  2. FinFan

    That are both great looking masks. I wish more goalies would go that way. Those highly detailed ones are great pieces of craftmanchip but as Lou is saying there’s to much going on and you can’t spot it from way back.
    The fact that “Stork” has the Swedish Chef on his backplate instantly makes him a favorite in my eyes as I´m a huge fan of the Chef (Bork, Bork, Bork)

  3. Warren Shapiro

    Great Mask for a great (We Hope) Goalie. Make that great save so you can win the “STANLEY CUP” and remember no whinning in hockey. Or you know what happens you get traded and you want get that big money$$$$.