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Eddie Lack Uses Fan Design In New Canucks Mask

Eddie Lack Uses Fan Design In New Canucks Mask

Lack FeaturedIt’s common for goalies to have a go-to artist that they look to for new mask designs and awesome illustrations. Eddie Lack thought he would buck the trend a little and outsource at least the design of his new mask. No, he didn’t find a new painter or get a particularly well endowed artist in the family to put together his new helmet. Lack wanted to hear from the people that are watching him each and every night: the fans! Justin Mo, a 14 year old from Vancouver, traced out a design and submitted it for a contest that Lack and the Canucks held at the beginning of the summer, and won! With the design chosen, Lack turned to long time mask artist Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt to make this awesome piece of concept art a reality.

According to Gunnarsson on his Facebook page,  “The design is a tribute to Eddie´s home in Canada and his heritage of Sweden.” Well, we couldn’t think of a better combination! Set against the mountains of Vancouver, the classic Johnny Canuck ‘V’ logo dominates the left side of the mask with a clean, chrome finish. Within the V, the peaks of waves sparkle and roll. A small tear in the metallic design makes it look like Lack is ready to bust out, or the cold is taking effect on the design!

The lines moving down to the chin of the mask mesh Vancouver and Sweden wonderfully, as the small Canucks whale is imprinted alongside the Tre Kronor of Sweden. Lack’s number 30 sits just below the cage in a metallic, loopy font. Above the cage, a frosty “Canucks” is written into the mountain landscape.

In similar fashion to Johnny Canuck, the Canuck whale makes another appearance on the right side of the mask. The large logo also rests against the surrounding mountain and shows signs of wear and tear itself. On top of the mask, “When you come really close to the mask and look in the sky over the mountains you will find details such as Canadian leafs and the three crowns of Sweden” says Gunnarsson. “Vancouver” is written on both sides of the top of the mask in the modern Canucks font. The whole mask comes together beautifully, harmonizing the spectacular efforts of Justin Mo and Dave Gunnarsson!

With the highly publicized departure of Roberto Luongo and subsequent acquisition of Ryan Miller, Lack’s status in the Canucks’ net has been debated at length. Likely to start the year behind Miller, Lack will have to wait at least a little while longer until he is a starter again. The Canucks had an uncharacteristically poor season last year, though Eddie managed to hold a .912 SV% and a 2.41 GAA in 41 games. His first season as in the NHL could have been a little smoother, but anybody who watched Lack knows he is developing into one of the top young goalies in the league, not to mention his emerging presence as a fan favourite in a tough Vancouver market. Using a fan’s design for a new mask is a pretty solid way to endear yourself to the Canuck faithful!

Gunnarsson and Lack have been working together for many years, and have put together several masks featured on InGoal, including his Vancouver Millionaires Heritage Classic mask, a retro design mask, and even an Orca towing a waterskiing wolf! You can check out Gunnarsson’s website, follow him on Twitter and/or Instagram, and Like his page on Facebook for more awesome mask designs and paint jobs. Check out the rest of Lack’s mask below!

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  1. Keven

    I really Lack it !

  2. Thom

    “I Lack it a lot”

  3. Paul Ipolito

    I’d rather watch five BHL episodes than read those type of comments from you two Lack-eys! The comments were both Lack-adaisical, Lack-luster and Lack-ing merit.

  4. John Doe

    As a Wild fan but I hate to say this, this is probably the best looking goalie helmet of this season….

  5. Harshdeep bahia

    I want you to change your mask if canucks will go to stanley cup playoffs