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Eddie Lack Vancouver Canucks Mask

Eddie Lack Vancouver Canucks Mask

Master mask artist  Dave Gunnarsson has just released official photos of the Canucks top minor-league goaltender Eddie Lack’s latest mask – and incredible Canucks design that pays homage to both the regular and vintage stick in rink logos.

From Dave,

Eddie always likes strong and powerful designs built on the team logos. And with such beautiful logos as the Canucks, it is a perfect way to go.

The design is painted with modern effects, mixed with old school feeling and a close connection to the team jersey. Everything created with lots and lots of details, and just as usual lots of hidden details created with pearl colors, details you can only see when you see the mask live, not on photos. And of course lots of metallic glitter and 3-D effects, as well as DAVEART Holographix FX. The green lightning bolts all over the design gives the design a magic feeling, just as the orcas are magic animals.

Eddie Lack Vancouver Canucks Goaltender Helmet


Eddie Lack Vancouver Canucks Goaltender Helmet




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  1. Joe from Chicago

    I love how he used as few Wolves elements as possible (sarcasm).

    • Blitz

      It’s almost like he knows he’s gonna be in VAN full-time real soon – adios Mr. Schneider!!!

  2. Michael Plishka

    It’s cool, but personally I like it when goalies have masks that are more closely tied to the jerseys they’re wearing in net. His old Manitoba mask was really a nice combo between AHL/NHL.

    Watching Lack play this season has been frustrating (Climie has, in general, been more consistent and fundamentally sound.) He seems to finally have settled down after a really slow first half of the season, but he’s got a tendency to overplay, and then he gets himself out of position. I’m hoping his focus is back on helping the Wolves win, because if he can’t win consistently in Chicago, his Vancouver ticket might be a little slower in coming.

    • question3

      I agree with you about the mask and the jersey. If you play in the AHL, show it. The Wolves are a great team.

      Dave G had me on the orca side of the mask, but lost me when the ribbon decided to go ape $#!t on the other side of the mask.


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