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Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’ on Ramo’s Mask

Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’ on Ramo’s Mask

Karri Ramo Calgary Flames Raven Mask right sideEvidently Calgary Flames goaltender Karri Ramo likes his goalie masks a little on the dark side.

After transforming into “The Beast” on his first mask of the season, Ramo took it a step further for his second lid, playing on the Edgar Allan Poe narrative poem, “The Raven.”

Painted by Jason Livery of HeadStrongGrafx, Ramo’s new predominantly black-and-white mask blends the dark bird, shadowed trees, a skull, full moon and what appears to be blood spatter. And written across the back edge of the top is the line sentence of Poe’s poem:

“And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor shall be lifted – nevermore!”

“Ramo really wanted a mask that reflects him and who he is,” Livery told InGoal. “He loved being part of the design aspect so if anyone was to ask him about his mask he could explain the significance of the design.”

Given the poem is about a man’s slow descent into madness maybe it is a reflection of what it’s like to play behind the rebuilding Flames these days. We kid. Ramo’s new mask, which includes the name “Edgar Allan Poe” scrolled subtly down the top of the right side, is serious business and impressive art.

You can find more great masks from Livery on the HeadStrongGrafx website, as well as on Twitter, and FaceBook. In the meantime, enjoy these closeups of Ramo’s new mask:

Karri Ramo Calgary Flames Raven Mask top

Karri Ramo Calgary Flames Raven Mask left side

Karri Ramo Calgary Flames Raven Mask front

Karri Ramo Calgary Flames Raven Mask right side

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  1. Warren Shapiro

    What a nice mask. Like the famous quote says “a picture can has a thousand words”. But in hockey terms we can say ” a hockey mask can tell you a story.” I didn’t expect a story by Edgar Allen Poe but it looks good. I know one thing the Calgary Flames have their own story maybe that’s why he put a short story on his mask. Lets enjoy this maybe franchise will put their story on future masks.

  2. Jason Andersen

    I think Ramo’s ‘Beast’ mask was far superior in terms of the paint job. I’ve always been a fan of masks where the fans in the stands can get a clear image of what is on the mask. This mask won’t look like anything to people at the game. Only viewers watching on TV will be able to see when they show close ups of the mask for a brief second.

  3. Bruce

    Mask is a piece of art! Head Strong has been progressively taking mask painting to new heights! However, I do miss the simple painted masks of yesteryear that didn’t need a deciphering device to explain their meaning. lol

  4. Kenbadger

    The intricacies of Jay’s art and the stories they tell of their wearers are impressive and an art all to themselves. I look forward to more unique creations from the workbench of headstronggrafx as he visually tells the story of more and more NHL netminders.

  5. Sepi

    There is a typo. His name in Rämö not Ramo

  6. Matt in Montreal

    Love the right side.

  7. BeninLondon

    I love the chin part with the 3 ravens and his name in the middle, that is a great logo