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Freddie Andersen debuts Arenas mask for 100th Anniversary game

Freddie Andersen debuts Arenas mask for 100th Anniversary game

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been taking full advantage of the league’s rich history and their full outdoor game schedule during the last few years.

They debuted their throwback Toronto St. Pat’s jerseys during their Winter Classic game in January of 2017, going green to pay homage to one of the first incarnations of the Toronto Maple Leafs in honor of the team’s 100th anniversary.

This year, though, they threw it all the way back to the team’s very first season, wearing a Toronto Arenas sweater on the ice for their 100th anniversary game against the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday.

Last year, Freddie Andersen debuted a St. Pat’s mask in honor of the throwback jerseys, paying tribute to Pat Quinn on the side.

This year, he’s decided to throw it back again – with a design that’s simpler, but even more striking than last year:

The mask is yet another masterpiece by Swedish mask artist Dave Gunnarsson, who uses bold colors and simple lines to really make the mask pop:

“The design is totally inspired from the awesome #Nhl100 jersey,” Gunnarsson wrote, via Instagram. “The beautiful logo is hovering on the top, with a strong contrast built design on the sides.”

Sure enough, the Arenas logo featured on the sweaters takes the place of the classic Leafs logo Andersen has donned this year on the top of his mask, with the stripes lining the sleeves of the throwback jerseys giving the mask some extra color on the sides.

While some of Gunnarsson’s throwback and special-event masks this year have been devoid of any special tricks, this one features his Holosphere FX paint, with miniature Maple Leafs logos making up the background of the mask in holographic paint that shifts as the viewers changes angles and lighting.

The Leafs put up a dominant performance against the Hurricanes in the game, skating away with a decisive 8-1 win over their Eastern Conference rivals. The mask, compared to the score, is decidedly secondary.

Still, there’s always the hope we’ll see this one a few more times during the year.

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