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Freddie Andersen simplifies his Toronto mask with new design

Freddie Andersen simplifies his Toronto mask with new design

Frederik Andersen moved on from his LEGO-inspired masks of Southern California when he made the transition to Toronto.

His first lid for the team boasted a LEGO Batman figurine to pay homage to his home country of Denmark, since he used the summer 2016 design for both his early months in Toronto and for the World Cup of Hockey as a part of Team Europe.

His Toronto St. Pat’s mask, though, swapped out the little yellow figures for a tribute to Pat Quinn – and his first design of the 2017-18 campaign moved to just a classic Leafs design altogether.

While his early fall mask was electric and busy, though, his new one is refreshingly simple. Take a look:

Thank you all for following my paintings, I am very happy and thankful for your interest and passion🙏🏻❤️. Frederik Andersen and I we brainstormed together how to create his next mask🎨. We came up with a plan🤔, how about mix old techniques with new, in a subtle way. How about create a whole Maple Leafs mask in brush stroke tech🖌, and mix it with 4-D FX✨👈🏻… It could be an interesting and surprising connection in style⚙️. The design is created with very strong contrasts⚪️🔵, a design that live and breath Toronto Maple Leafs🍁. It is all created with a very rough and raw brush🖌, so you can clearly see the brush strokes👀. It gives a very classic and living feeling. And in a total contrast we added DaveArt 4-D FX✨, so you can clearly physically feel the design when you touch it with your bare hands👈🏻. And also some magic DaveArt Hologram FX✨. Thank you Frederik! I am so happy and proud to be your personal artist🙏🏻😊. @frederikandersen31 @mapleleafs #DaveArt #nhl @bauergoalie #DaveArtTheCradleOfCreativity @nhl #DaveArt4D #DaveArtTheMaskNerd 🤓

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Titled ‘The Brush Strokes of the Maple Leafs’, this is the simplest collaboration between Swedish mask artist Dave Gunnarsson – the mastermind behind DaveArt – and Andersen yet.

The team’s new logo, boasting a more intricate Maple Leafs image than in modern era years past, becomes the focal point of Andersen’s new design; it takes up the front of the mask and wraps around both the top and the sides, leaving a stately blue background with holographic Leafs logos as the only adornments.

As is custom for Gunnarsson, though, there’s a new twist to the design itself: he used 4D-FX paint, giving the mask a raised design as well as a visual one. You can run your hands over the lid and feel the team’s logo, adding an extra element to the artwork.

For more of Dave Gunnarsson’s great artwork, check out his websiteTwitter feed, his Facebook page, and Instagram

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