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Frederik Andersen is the Danish Dynamite for World Cup

Frederik Andersen is one of three goaltenders set to head to the World Cup of Hockey for the amalgamated Team Europe roster this September, joining German-born goaltender Thomas Greiss and Slovakian netminder Jaroslav Halak.

While he hasn’t been officially tapped as the starter yet, though, his mask design for the upcoming tournament has been revealed – and like a number of other World Cup mask designs that have been rolled out in the last few weeks, this one’s a huge hit:


Andersen’s mask, created by renowned Swedish mask artist Dave Gunnarsson, pays tribute to both Team Europe and to his new NHL club, the Toronto Maple Leafs. On either side of his eye cage, the invented Europe logo is painted to blend in seamlessly with the background of the mask – but both on the top of the mask and on the chin, the new Toronto logo (debuted for the team’s 100th anniversary this year) is featured as well.

On one side, the Danish coat of arms is given space, as well. The other side, though, brings up Andersen’s favorite recurring mask friend:

“…check [it] out, Frederik’s Danish buddy shows up on the mask, a true tribute to his home country of Denmark????”

LEGO, the multi-billion dollar toy brick company that kids and adults alike have fallen in love with worldwide, is arguably the most successful company to come out of Denmark; as a result, it’s a regular fixture on Andersen’s masks.

For this particular design, the Batman LEGO character – featured on one of Andersen’s other mask designs in recent years – is wearing the Danish flag emblazoned across his chest.

Here’s a closer look at the design:


The World Cup of Hockey will officially begin with the preliminary round on September 17th in Toronto, Ontario.

For more of Gunnarsson’s spectacular mask artwork, check out his Twitter, official Facebook page, or website.

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