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Fresh Take on Canucks Orca for Markstrom Mask

Fresh Take on Canucks Orca for Markstrom Mask

Jacob Markstrom Canucks mask leftJacob Markstrom has a stylish new Vancouver Canucks mask.

Maybe now they’ll let him start a game.

Markstrom, who has yet to start since being acquired from the Florida Panthers as part of the Roberto Luongo trade on March 4, will certainly look great when he finally gets the net.

His long-time personal painter and fellow Swede David Gunnarsson of DaveArt made sure of that with a new take on the team’s Orca logo, which now envelops Markstrom’s new Vaughn mask made by Pro’s Choice with a bit of a crazed grin.

“Markström will be transformed into an orca, a real Vancouver Canucks orca,” Gunnarson wrote on his Facebook page of the new design. “Of course in underwater scenery … air bubbles all over  The closer you come to this design the more details you will discover, and when you are really close the mask will be enter a new dimension and become a treasure map of details.”

Those include the other Canucks logos, including the primary logo on the forehead, and the Johnny Canucks logo in several other spots. There is also a small green bandage on the top of the left side, which we’ll have to ask Markstrom about at practice – he was still wearing an all white Pro’s Choice mask at the morning skate on Tuesday.

As for that elusive first start, expect Markstrom, who has been asked to make changes in his positioning and movements by  goaltending coach Rollie Melanson and labeled “raw” by head coach John Tortorella, to get one as soon as the Canucks are official eliminated from the playoff race. And look for more on the changes he  is being asked to make here at InGoal.

As for the mask, we’ve got the close ups from Gunnarson below. You can find more of his great artwork on both his website, on his Twitter feed, on his Facebook page, and on Instagram. You can also check out the mask maker, Pro’s Choice, who Markstrom has praised this week after several practice blasts off the melon, on both Facebook and Twitter

Jacob Markstrom Canucks mask right side

DSC_Deep BlueJacob Markstrom Canucks mask top right

Jacob Markstrom Canucks mask top

Jacob Markstrom Canucks mask left

Jacob Markstrom Canucks mask Poster

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  1. Ryan

    Get rid of all the “trademark effects” and this would be an amazing mask. Dave is very skilled but ruins the designs with so much clutter. It’s always like an old school suitcase with the travel stickers all over the side.

    • Adrián Dawe

      I totally agree!

      • dan

        me too, at least there’s no random logo gradient coloring everything, but why is the whale smoking

  2. Bob Dawe

    My first impression was WOW!!
    It is a bit cluttered, and could lose the lumberjack logo on top, but overall, one of the best masks I’ve seen. I have a signed Kiprusoff mask in my collection, and might want Markstrom’s too.

  3. Jordan

    That green Canucks logo is fresh never seen that before