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Gibson’s Anaheim Mask Features Ducks as Pac-Man

Gibson’s Anaheim Mask Features Ducks as Pac-Man

John Gibson PacMan Mask Left sideThe 2014-15 NHL season is still three months away but there is already at least one new mask ready for the new campaign, and with the Anaheim Ducks logo transformed into Pac-Man it’s a great way to kick things off.

Anaheim super prospect John Gibson had Swedish artist David Gunnarsson of DaveArt transform his mask into the classic video game.

“And instead of the yellow eating dot, here it is a Ducks mask eating the smaller dots, so let us introduce the Pac-Duck mask,” Gunnarson wrote on his Facebook page. “Hey Pac-Duck, watch out for the ghosts!”

As Gunnarsson notes, the design is painted “in old-school pixel styles,” including the Ducks logos on the sides, Gibson’s number 36 on the chin, and even the old cherry treats from the video game.

“The only thing not painted in pixel styles are the eating Ducks masks,” he said.

Gunnarson also used his new DAVEART Hologram FX 2.0, which changes how you see some images depending on the angles. It can only really be seen in moving video shots, and you can see an example below as posted on his Instagram page:

You can find more of Gunnarsson’s great artwork on both his website and Twitter feed. In the meantime enjoy more close ups of Gibson’s Pac-Man mask. It’s a great way to kick off another season of new masks:

John Gibson PacMan Mask front right

John Gibson PacMan Mask Left side

John Gibson PacMan Mask Poster

John Gibson PacMan Mask top

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