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Glow in Dark Lighthouse on Neuvirth Islanders Mask

Glow in Dark Lighthouse on Neuvirth Islanders Mask

Neuvirth  glow lighthouseMichal Neuvirth is taking the New York Islanders lighthouse logo literally on his new mask.

Just as lighthouse is designed to steer ships away from danger areas with its bright light, Neuvirth’s latest from Swedish painter David Gunnarsson of DaveArt also acts as a glow-in-the-dark beacon.

“Just as a lighthouse should do, it is glowing in the dark with DAVEART G.L.O.W Tech FX to help the ships in the stormy weather,” Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook page. “That is what we call a lighthouse mask.”

As sharp as the mask is in daylight, with the lighthouse on both sides and the Islanders classic logo on the forehead, it really jumps out when the lights go out. In addition to the lighthouse, the “NY stick” logo on top also glows in the dark.

Like so many of Gunnarsson’s designs, the closer you get, the more details emerge, both in the light and in the dark, including the use of tiny Islanders logos as shading throughout the night sky.

The Swedish artist also used the G.L.O.W. Tech FX on Ben Bishop’d Tron-inspired glow-in-the dark mask, and on the new Dallas Stars mask for Jhonas Enroth, who started the season with Neuvirth and the Buffalo Sabres.

For more of Gunnarsson’s great artwork check out his websiteTwitter feed, and Instagram. In the meantime enjoy some of these close ups of the new mask, both in the light and dark:




Neuvirth  glow lighthouse

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  1. ben

    does anyone else think this glow in the dark gimmick is sorta stupid and needs to stop?

    • Stefan

      totally agree. I didn`t liked it from the beginning.

  2. Dan

    in theory i love it but in practice i have to agree it’s terrible

  3. Jason

    LOL maybe the NHL will have glow in the dark hockey nights! They can have glow in the dark pucks and uniforms! Lol reminds me of Glow Bowling!