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Henrik Lundqvist debuts mask to match his latest gear

Henrik Lundqvist debuts mask to match his latest gear

Nothing was cooler than the new mask Henrik Lundqvist and his long-time mask artist, Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt, debuted this summer.

The mask, titled ‘The Holy Mask’, took the starting goaltender’s dramatic designs from years past and turned them into a work of stained-glass-inspired art.

Now, though, he’s debuting another new look – this time, inspired by the movie Ragnarok and by his latest set of Bauer pads:

This mask takes the chrome-inspired print design featured on Lundqvist’s Bauer OD1N 2S pads and translates it to a mask, giving a multi-dimensional, scaled chrome look to the latest lid.

“Same concept as Henrik’s previous mask which was very much inspired from Henrik’s latest pads, and here we updated the look with SupraChrome,” Gunnarsson wrote, noting that this design takes a similar approach to the last Ragnarok mask (debuted just after the Holy Mask) – but added some extra chrome detailing and coloring.

Lundqvist continues to boast the Statue of Liberty as the primary focus on his mask, with electric detailing providing the only distraction from her as the main feature of the design. Adding the chrome, though, should make the whole design pop even more.

For more of Dave Gunnarsson’s great artwork, check out his websiteTwitter feed, his Facebook page, and Instagram

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